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You have plenty of options to watch English theater in Amsterdam city. We have rounded up a few places keen theater-goers have to check out, regardless of their taste. Some productions come with surtitles, and ‘Language No Problem’ highlights English productions or the ones where language is no issue. So if you are a lover of ‘theater’ events, check out the productions of these when on a tour Amsterdam program.

Royal Theater Carré

Koninklijk Theater Carré offers a wide variety of performances, including music and cabaret and circus acts to comedy. Royal Theater Carré will please most tastes with regular English programs and a terrific waterfront location. The circus acts here are nothing short of thrilling to the senses. One such act features a group of people juggling three objects, while a lady sits on a chair amid them.

Orange Theater Company

Formerly known as Orange Tea, the transformed Orange Theater Company has long been bringing English plays to life. It has been inspiring both Dutch and global viewers alike for eight years. Almost invariably, the Orange Theater Company brings entertaining and boundary-pushing performances to life. Its productions have often featured in Amsterdam Fringe Festival. Keep an eye out for its next production named “THE B WORD”. The Westergastheater will stage this play about Brexit this November.

Internationaal Theater Amsterdam

Stadsschouwburg and Toneelgroep recently merged to create this theater, led by the world-famous Belgian theater director named Ivo Van Hove. This movie will bring a bigger focus on global productions. Before the merger, both theaters were highly praised for their fine productions, combining the conventional with innovation performances. This can only mean strengthening as these theaters join forces, and they keep developing an international standing. Check out its website for English programs as well as selected performances having surtitles.

The Queen’s English Theatre Company

A group of English-speaking theater-lovers found the Queen’s English Theatre Company in 2002. It is mainly concerned with providing top quality theater in English. Run by a team of actors and volunteer contributors, the Queen’s English Theatre Company presents a fine selection of musicals and plays. The attention to detail and high standards of QETC earned it a loyal audience.

De Melkweg

The much-loved and well-regarded music venue The Melkweg is home to the Melkweg Theater. Working with directors and actors, the theater presents fresh and dynamic performances that feature both new and seasoned talents. If alternative and experimental theater is your scene, attending a show here may be a move that pays off. Several productions are in the Dutch language, but there are also those in English. It is best to check its website before making a reservation.

Boom Chicago

If comedy is more your thing, then go to the Boom Chicago theater in Amsterdam for entertaining performances, quick wit and sharp writing. It presents theater and improv comedy to an English audience. Its long-form improvisation comedy show is called “Sunday Night Live”. It has one-off performances centered on a theme where stories, songs, and scenes change from one week to the next. The laughs do not stop there, it also fuses hilarious stuff with politics and music with international stand-ups taking the stage all year.


This theater is conveniently situated in the heart of Amsterdam city. Each year, it presents hundreds of productions, ranging from small to big in four theater spaces. Groups like Bambie, Toneelgroep Oostpool, Mugmetdegoudentand, Theater Rotterdam, the Dutch National Theatre, and Dood Paard tread the boards occasionally. This makes Frascati a coveted venue to see up-and-coming talent.

Theater Bellevue

If all you want to catch are modern theater, cabaret and dance shows, Theater Bellevue is right up your alley. Talented young performers and established professionals come together for a variety of productions, many of which developed by promising directors. Most productions are in the Dutch language, but some are also in English. So, make it a point to check its site before booking a program.

De Kleine Komedie

This is the oldest existing theater in the Dutch capital. With a wide range of programs having music, dance, comedy, and theatrical performances, it is fair to say De Kleine Komedie in Amsterdam leans more to cabaret. This theater has a very long history, and it can count Napoleon and King Willem I as regulars. More contemporary guests who stage entertaining programs frequently visit it today. Check for English-language performances.

STET: The English Theater

While it is based in South Holland’s “The Hague” city, it is also worth contacting STET: The English Theater since it occasionally performs in Amsterdam. The mission of it is to both produce and promote English theater in Holland, so if that is your ticket, a trip to the city in the South Holland province is in store for you. Anticipate seeing a selection of favorites such as good old family fun, Shakespeare, and political tales.

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