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Bicycling is one of the best ways to get around the Dutch capital. However, walking can be just as good a way to explore Amsterdam as cycling. The good thing with walking is that it allows you to completely take in areas of the capital city which can be easily overlooked when you are whizzing down the bicycle lanes. Here some best places to have private Amsterdam walking tours.

The Vondelpark

Situated nearby the Canal Ring, this park is the perfect example of what an urban oasis should be. The best-loved park of the Dutch is this one. Perfectly flat and ideal for a scenic amble, a walk in this park can be all kinds of strolls to all sorts of people. If you are sticking to the peaceful leafy side paths to count the romantic bridges in Amsterdam or are staying on the major walkways encircled by friendly stick-chasing dogs and barbecues, a then a stroll through the Vondelpark provides look into the real city of Amsterdam.

Look out for “The Fish”, which is an abstract sculpture made by Pablo Picasso. The Blauwe Theehuis is the best place to give your feet some much-needed rest. The flying saucer design of the Blue Teahouse will catch your attention, and its big terrace will also keep you about for a while.

Along the Brouwersgracht

A walk along the small yet scenic Brouwersgracht is a short and sweet one. While it may get over quickly, there are picture-postcard sights on offer to make your walk a memorable one. Voted usually the most gorgeous canal in Amsterdam city, walking along the Brouwersgracht is like entering into a postcard. Colorful houseboats and centuries-old humpback bridges make a display, which will usually have visitors reaching for their camera.

Watch carefully for the tall gables on the Brouwersgracht canal-side warehouses and homes; from green color deer to ancient trades and everything in between are represented here.

If you feel like you need a break after you tour Amsterdam on foot for a while, then the best place for resting your feet is Cafe Papeneiland. Have a slice of its famous apple pie, which is known as appeltaart in the Dutch language.

The Jordaan District

Jordaan is a district that is bordered by beautiful Dutch canals. Arguably the most picturesque neighborhood in Amsterdam, the quiet streets of Jordaan make it perfect for a walk. From the scenic Brouwersgracht down to the Nine Little Street (9 Straatjes), there are gourmet restaurants, typically Dutch cafes, and boutique shops on every corner.

Look out for stone placards above properties designating their original usage. If you see a couple of scissors, for instance, then you are likely standing just outside a former tailor shop.

For a break, head to Cafe de Prins and have a plate of Dutch mini pancakes (poffertjes).

The Museumkwartier

The Museum Quarter in Amsterdam oozes arts, culture and class on every corner. It is home to two of the most popular museums in the Dutch capital, namely the Van Gogh Museum and Rijksmusuem, in addition to the Royal Concertgebouw (Royal Concert Hall). Walking through the Museumkwartier is indeed an experience in and of itself. With world-class dining, shopping, and sidewalk cafes, walking here can alone fill an evening.

Interesting works of art can be found virtually everywhere around the Museumkwartier. Sometimes, the Dutch place quirky shapes or objects on the pool in front of the Rijksmusuem building.

Besides the Rijksmusuem and Van Gogh Museum, this area is also home to the Stedelijk Museum. While short on classic works in comparison to the other museums, the Stedelijk Museum does have a good enough collection of contemporary and modern art.

Keep an eye out for popular people during your walk in the Museumkwartier; many celebrities take to the streets in the afternoon in this part of the world. Steps away from this quarter reside the Cornelis Schuytstraat, which has an atmosphere that seems like a mix of Amsterdam and Paris. Buy an ice cream from Ijsboutique nearby, have a seat on a bench in Cornelis Schuytplein, and have it while taking in the views.

Amsterdam North

Amsterdam Noord is a neighborhood situated across the River IJ and behind the Central Station. When you alight from the train at Amsterdam Central, take a boat to the North neighborhood. Ferries give free and essential connections across IJ for cyclists, mopeds and pedestrians. You can find many of these boats directly behind the Central station, and they give free and frequent service across the river to and from Noord. When you reach the dock, just walk around the former industrial shipyards turn cultural hotspots.

Watch keenly for a half-sunken submarine adjacent to the ferry terminal. For some refreshments, just head to the “Pllek” restaurant that serves a delicious lunch- and dinner-menu.

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