What to Know About the Tulip Season in Amsterdam

Private Day Tours Amsterdam
Private Day Tours Amsterdam
Private Day Tours Amsterdam
Private Day Tours Amsterdam

Amsterdam is one of the hottest tourist destinations in the world that anyone would love to explore. The liberal culture and the infamous red light district are not the only attractions here. The outstanding charismatic appeal, a countless number of coffee shops, architectural wonders, food culture, and many other elements in the city as well contribute to the tourist pandemonium here. Needless to mention, one of the best times to schedule your incredible private day tours Amsterdamis during the spring season.

At this time, the city will transform itself into a colorful spectacle by swathing in pink, red, yellow, orange, purple, and many other colored tulip blooms in every nook and cranny. This will make the Dutch capital resemble the spellbinding spots and places that usually feature in fairytale movies. Note that people are more likely to visit this magical land during the spring season and hence, most places will be crowded. Below are some of the helpful tips that will help you to make the best of your spring holidays in Amsterdam.

The Bulb and Tulip Fields

The bulb growing fields in the Netherlands are quite popular, especially the ones in Sassenheim and Noord Holland. These amazing destinations are located towards the southwest side of the Dutch capital. Note that it will take only less than 30 minutes to reach here from Amsterdam. However, it will depend on the mode of transportation you choose. It is worth noting that the fastest way to reach here will be on bikes. Hiring a cab or choosing to travel on public buses will also be a good choice. Though, the latter is likely to take more time.

The Keukenhof Gardens

There will hardly any person who would not have heard about the Keukenhof Gardens. Arguably, this is one of the best gardens in the world that is designed and manicured with ultimate perfection. This fairyland is located in the Lisse village. Do you know that this massive oasis tends to flaunt more than 7 million multicolored blooming bulbs on its display? It also features a countless number of other floral exhibitions, usually in the indoor pavilions.

Unfortunately, the garden will be open to the public only for two months in a year and hence, the tourist pandemonium at this place will be incredibly huge. To tackle this, it is better to avoid peak time; visit the garden in the afternoon and during the beginning or end of the tulip season. Additionally, the opening times of the Keukenhof gardens tend to vary and hence, it is recommended to inquire the same at least a day before scheduling your trip.

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