Water sports Activities in Amsterdam

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Water Sports Activities

Amsterdam is a wonderful place that offers plenty of options when it comes to water sports. Indulging in water sports is the best way to enjoy Amsterdam as this place is surrounded by beautiful canals and fantastic beaches. There are a plethora of activities to do in Amsterdam to get active in the water. In this article, we are listing some of such activities that you can include in your private tour Amsterdam, which will help you to get a complete Amsterdam experience. Those who are a fan of adventure will definitely love them.


This is one of the most interesting and thrilling activities you can do in Amsterdam. There are a lot of surfing schools in this place where you can get surfing classes and also hire the necessary equipment required for surfing. Therefore, you do not have to worry even if you are a beginner, you can become adept at surfing after the classes you receive here.

The season is usually from April to October. For beginners, summer is the most suitable season.  But for those who are the pros in surfing, spring and autumn are the best as there will be bigger waves.

Sea and surf kayaking

Kayaking through the sparkling waters of Amsterdam will be an exciting experience for you. There are different varieties of kayaking activities you can perform, from kayaking in the surf to go on a longer kayak journey. You can also go to sea rafting. The best time for kayaking in summer, spring and autumn. Zandvoort and IJmuiden are the best locations for surf kayaking, and if you want to go for a longer kayaking tour, you can select the route from Wijk aan Zee to IJmuiden.


The popularity of kite-surfing has increased over the years. This impressive version of windsurfing has become a great attraction for those who love adventure. The kite will allow you to jump incredibly high, but you will need a little bit of practice to do so. There are a lot of schools in Amsterdam which will teach you kitesurfing.

Those who are experts in this fun activity can perform it throughout the year; however, summer will be the most suitable season as the atmosphere will be really pleasant. Advanced kitesurfers can polish their skills during the autumn and spring seasons too.

Stand-up paddling

This comparatively new sports activity involves paddling on a surfboard by standing upright. The equipment required for this activity will be available in most surfing and kitesurfing schools.

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