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Amsterdam is one of the most beautiful as well as the safest cities in the world. However, this doesn’t mean that traveling around the city is always a bed of roses. Note that you may encounter some anti-socials, especially pickpockets in this city. The crowded places and events are the main arena of such anti-elements and hence, you must be very careful while traveling around the city. Needless to mention, having your belongings stolen while exploring a foreign destination will be extremely distressing and devastating. Unlike your hometown, you will not be able to easily find some alternatives in this case as well. So, never let the pickpocket ruin your holidays. On a related note, there are some brilliant ways to tackle pickpockets on your private Amsterdam walking tours. Some of those useful tips are listed below.

Carry only the necessary things

Some people have a habit of putting every single thing that they got in their bag. Never do this when in Amsterdam. Rather, carry the things that are required such as your phone, wallet, city passes, etc. Speaking of the wallet, carry a minimum amount of cash with you. It is to be noted that the money transactions at most of the shops and eateries in Amsterdam is digitalized and hence, you will not require much cash. Furthermore, store all your valuables in the locker of your room before you step out.

Purchase a Thief-proof bag

Purchasing a thief-proof bag is one of the best ways to make your days in Amsterdam stress-free. It is worth noting that there are some unique bags available at the market that safeguards your valuables from the pickpockets when compared to the usual ones. Additionally, it is recommended to buy a money belt to store your cash and cards safely under your clothing. If you have a handbag, make sure to put it diagonally across your body and also fasten the hand straps. In case you are using rucksack bags, put them to your front as you wind through the crowded areas of the city.

Never leave your valuables unattended

Some people tend to leave their valuables such as phones, bags, etc., on the tables of restaurants and parks as they get involved in some other activities. This will be like inviting the pickpockets. Hence, always keep your phone and bag in your hand, no matter what. Furthermore, be vigilant if some strangers try to be friendly with you all of a sudden. Note that pickpockets may try several strategies to trick you in and sometimes, this can be their plan to distract you from your valuables. However, this doesn’t mean that every friendly stranger in the city is dangerous. Still, it is always better to be vigilant and careful rather than regretting it later.

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