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Dutch villages are famous for their cultural heritage and the traditional lifestyle. It is a pleasure to witness these treasures if you travel to the Netherlands. The best thing is that there are several villages near Amsterdam, which still preserve the medieval beauty and culture of the country. Below are some of the most beautiful villages that you can visit with your private Amsterdam tour guide.

Zaanse Schans

Zaanse Schans with its share of age-old windmills is probably the first industrial site in the world. There are several windmills here, which line the Zaan River. Once upon a time, these produced tobacco, linseed oil, paper, mustard, and paint. In fact, many of the windmills that stand today are still in the working state. Zaanse Schans is also known for the clog museum that has some interesting exhibits. The old-fashioned architecture on display is worth admiring.


This place is located towards the north of Amsterdam. It is only 9 kilometers away from Amsterdam city and is easy to reach by bus. Besides, it is a great place to be if you are looking to get away from the hustle-bustle of the city. The place will remind you of desktop wallpapers. The wooden houses stand tall among the green canals. Further, almost every house owns a boat and they use it often to get around the village. You can experience this ride when you visit this place to take all the beauty from the boat.


Monnickendam is a quiet village in the outskirts of Amsterdam. It is lined with wooden cottages of different colors and there are numerous boats that line the harbor. The place is highly relaxing and is very close to Amsterdam as well. You can board a bus from Amsterdam Centraal to reach here in less than 30 minutes. It is ideal for a quick exploration trip, especially to experience the rural side of the Dutch capital city.


Marken is another one of those must-visit places on your Amsterdam tours. It has all the elements of a traditional Dutch village. This is why it is also very special for Dutch natives. This is actually a fisherman’s village located on an island. However, the place was cut off from the mainland until 1957. It is a town with no cars. Besides, there are wooden houses here, which paint a picture of exceptional beauty to the landscape. Do not miss the traditional cloth museum while you visit the place.

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