The Best Places to Play Bar Games in the Dutch Capital

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Exploring Amsterdam is not just about sightseeing. There is a wide range of unique attractions that you can enjoy here. Are you looking to have some fun on your Amsterdam tours? Then, indulging in the bar games such as darts, pool, etc., will be just perfect. Note that, Amsterdam, which is particularly known for the freedom, houses a number of bar game options. If you are a game enthusiast, make sure to check out the following spots in the Dutch capital on your private tours.

Cafe Sound Garden

This is an impressive music bar located at the western borders of De Jordan neighborhood. This alternative music bar tends to host punk and metal gigs regularly. Apart from the music culture, The Cafe Sound Garden is known for its incredible sound system that usually blasts out heavy rock songs.

In addition, this bar will be an ultimate destination for all the game lovers out there. Note that there is a pool table, vintage arcade machine, and foosball at Cafe Sound Garden that are surrounded by several comfy sofas. Needless to mention, playing your favorite game sipping your desired beverage and listening to some hard rock music will be just out of this world.

The Poolbar

This an ultimate gaming hub located at Voetboogstraat 3-B. To be frank, the name of this amazing bar is a bit misleading since it offers a wide range of game options. Even though the main attraction of the bar is the 8 large pool tables, the bar also features several other highlights including dart games, a large pile of vintage board games, shuffleboard games, etc.

Unlike most other bars in the Netherlands, Poolbar tends to serve larger pints to their customers. Plus, they host a vast range of specialist beers. The design and architecture of the entire bar may remind you of a laidback American style.

Plan B

This is a classic pool hall where you can see several people playing pool games sipping a glass of beer. The Plan B often hosts tournaments for amateurs, beginners, and bona fide sharks where every participant can compete against equally skilled opponents. The bar tends to organize monthly pub quizzes as well for its business.

Additionally, the huge walls of Plan B are equipped with different types of dartboard games and eight wide-screen televisions that constantly play popular sports channels. You can also rent plan B for private parties. So, this will be the right option if you are in the Dutch capital to celebrate any of the important milestones in your life.

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