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Whether it is in New York City, Paris or London, Chinese cuisine is always a rage when it comes to foreign cuisine. The Windmill City too has its own list of Chinese Restaurants to boast of. Someone on tour could easily experience the quintessential Chinese dining experience ambiance here.

New King

The hot pot tea served at the restaurant as a starter could refresh any tourist tired out from visiting Dutch monuments. The exclusive Wonton Soup and the egg rolls can gratify any hungry tummy, leaving it craving for more.

Sea Palace

More than just a place to satisfy your hunger, this floating restaurant placed away from the mainland has a long Imperial history to narrate. It has been standing along the banks of the Oosterdok Sea since 1984, a veritable palace that could seat about 600 people at a time. The exotic savor of Dim sum served here is always in great demand among usual visitors and tourists.

Dim Sum Now

As the name suggests, this is a place where you can find the best array of Dum Sum in town. The Dutch Bike comes straight to you with the awesome dishes, like Honest Dumplings or Good Gyoza, or whatever else you may have ordered. For the health conscious, these guys have highly exclusive Veggie Leaf Wraps.

Oriental City

Here the orient cuisines are blended very well with international styles, along both taste and appearance. The culinary delights here can be tried without traveling too far from one of the landmarks the city is famous for: Dam Square. This eatery has become famous among for the Dutch in the thirty years since its inception.

Nam Kee

Yet another antique eatery, this one has been around since 1981 as a place to taste authentic Cantonese Cuisine. It can be found in three different locations in and around Amsterdam. Nam Kee serves bean curd, oysters, sweet and sour pork, and Peking duck pancakes.

Hot Tin

Though it usually looks packed, what with being an extension of their popular bakery that served Hong Kong-style sweets, this eatery will be impress with ethnic taste once you taste what it offers. Everything down to even the dipping sauce made with fried shallots and chili oil, is popular around town.

Chinese Restaurants are not only found around Chinatown in Amsterdam, which claims to have the oldest in all of mainland Europe, but are spread on a vast expanse. For a real foodie, exploring can be done easily enough when they are on their private day tours Amsterdam.

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