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When and if the sun is out, Amsterdam can be a great place to burn a few calories and sweat it out in the outdoors. There are many opportunities in the city to engage yourself including cycling, paddleboarding, and frisbeeing in the park. Below are some of the best activities to indulge in your own private Amsterdam walking tours.


Freerunning is the sport that involves navigating through a city by overcoming obstacles as creatively as possible. It is also known by the more famous name of “parkour”. Though the activity may sound a little childish, it does make a very interesting sport, and enjoys tremendous popularity. Amsterdam is a great urban space for parkour enthusiasts. You can step out and start running through the streets at random. You can also visit the Utrechtsebrug region, which is devoted to freerunning and has an installed freerunning track with obstacles placed along the route such as bars, rods, surfaces, and walls. Besides that, there is also a shock absorbent surface lining the length of the track, for safety’s sake.

Outdoor Fitness

Many of the outdoor parks in Amsterdam such as Erasmuspark, Diemerpark, Westerpark, and Rembrandtpark are equipped with fitness equipment. You can use these anytime you are free. You can also find a great running trail at Van Heenvlietlaan in Buitenveldert. In case you have doubts regarding the use of this equipment, you can simply scan the QR code, and get relevant instructions. The ground here is made using recycled materials from used sneakers.

Rowing and Canoeing

Two of the main sports practiced in Amsterdam are rowing and canoeing. These are supported by the watery atmosphere in the city. There are also rowing clubs in the city, such as Roeicentrum Amsterdam, which is situated near the river Amstel. These clubs offer private lessons and tours down the canals. Furthermore, if you have mastered the races, you can even take part in one of the races, such as Bosbaan in the Amsterdamse Bos.

SUP (Stand-Up Paddleboarding)

Stand-up paddleboarding is one of the trending watersports of the day. It is a combined activity comprising canoeing and surfing, in which the paddleboarder stands up on a longboard and propels themselves forward using paddles. It is a great activity, which helps in the development of core strength and balance. There are also people who practice yoga above these boards. You can also take part in this awesome sport by taking a board for rent, attending a lesson, and paddling away in one of the canals.


Cycling is one of the main sports in Amsterdam. There are plenty of opportunities for you to tour the city on your bike, as well as trails laid all around the place where you can really enjoy leisurely rides. Besides, there are dedicated trails like De Rondehoep, which is located to the east of the River Amstel. This 17-kilometer trail passes through secluded farms and the sides of canals, which is ideal for longer rides. It connects Uithoorn and Ouderkerk through waterways. You can also get to it while moving from Ouderkerk to Amsterdam Zuid.

Ultimate Frisbee

Ultimate Frisbee is another trending sport here that is growing by the day. It is a team sport, and has a large following, especially in North America and Oceania. In this, points are scored by exchanging the Frisbee to a team member in the end zone. The sport is slowly becoming the most popular sports in the city. The Oost has become the center of this sport in the city. You can also head to the place and grab a Frisbee from one of the nearby shops before starting on some fun with friends.


Bootcamps are a great way to keep your fitness levels high. Many Amsterdam parks have hardcore training camps following US training methods; Bootcamp Amsterdam is one such organization which offers Bootcamp classes along with personal training campaigns and private groups.

Yoga in the Park

Yoga studios are usually very attractive and peaceful. However, the ambiance from Yoga is accentuated when you do it outdoors. You can feel the wind, hear the birds, and be more connected this way. Many yoga studios hold outdoor yoga sessions. The main spots include Yoga Square in Westerpark, and Parc Studio in Sarphatipark. Make sure to pay a visit to these places if you are a Yoga fan.


Skating in all its forms, including inline skating, longboarding, and skateboarding, is promoted in many ways throughout Amsterdam. Nesciobrug, Rembrandtpark, and Amsterdamse Bos offer great places for skating. Cons Project in Noord and Marnix Bowl on Marnixstraat have dedicated skating parks. There are plenty of other programs on skating, such as Friday Night Skate, which is a weekly skating group. You should definitely visit Zeeburgereiland, which is the largest skating park in the whole of the Netherlands.

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