Must-Visit Places in the Zuidoost Neighborhood of Amsterdam

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Zuidoost Neighborhood Of Amsterdam

Zuidoost is a multicultural borough in Amsterdam city that must be included in your Amsterdam tours. In the Dutch borough, visitors can watch cinema, concerts, and even amateur football matches featuring the Zuidoost United team. The Dutch parks in Zuidoost will ensure the visitors a worthy visit when they go on private day tours Amsterdam. You can enjoy a stroll down to the Gaasperplas Park, which is an artificial lake with natural beauty.

If you want to dance well into the night there are festivals such as Amsterdam Open Air Festival and Reggae Lake Festival held frequently in Gaasperplas Park. In fact, acres of free space and other facilities like manmade beaches make the park an ideal place for timeouts in Zuidoost. If you want to spend a day walking, horse-riding, hiking, or even biking, Gassperplas Park is an ideal place to visit in Amsterdam.

If you want make your Zuidoost visit grander, visit the ArenA Boulevard as well. Close to the boulevard is the Amsterdam Arena where professional footballers including the Dutch national team play. ArenA Boulevard often invites attendees in large numbers, so do check out the schedules of events to dive into the crowd. Moreover, ArenA Boulevard is perfect for spending a night when you reach the neighborhood early and find accommodation in Zuidoost.

While in the neighborhood, visit the AFAS Live concert hall that often stages live concerts, dance parties, and other night events for the public. If you are into food, Zuidoost also has several multi cuisine restaurants. You can try the World of Food restaurant, which offers everything from Armenian to Liberian cuisines. Alternatively, go to the café of Lebkov and Sons in Zuidoost, which are arguably the best in Amsterdam.

To make your visit to Zuidoost memorable, also try spending a day in the local zoo. Bijlmerweide is one such zoo that many people outside of the neighborhood are yet to explore fully. The farm cum café featuring a cute collection of small and pretty rabbits will let you switch off all the bustles of Amsterdam city.

One of the best aspects of a metropolitan city is that visitors will get to choose plenty of places to visit. Zuidoost adds to the long list of must-visit places in the private day tours Amsterdam and is sure to enjoy all.