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If you have got bored of visiting the mainland of Amsterdam, just catch up the ferry from the central station across the river IJ to reach the beautiful neighborhood of Noord, which is also equally historical. Antique Art galleries, Colorful graffiti, and cool cafes are there to welcome you. Below is a list of best things to do in the beautiful interesting neighborhood.

Swing High at the Top of Adam Tower

While touring around Amsterdam you should make a note to visit the highest ever swing in Europe, which is situated in the neighborhoods of Noord. It may look way much scarier, but would be really adventurous to sway on the tower, besides the bonus of a stunning panoramic view of Amsterdam.

Visit Nieuwendammerdijk

You may visit the calm and composed Nieuwendammerdijk, full of low-rise book houses to attain a refreshing feel after the hectic private day tours Amsterdam. The adorable neighborhoods are paved with the stores on either side of the streets.

A Vegan Meal from De Ceuvel Café

The eatery presents before you a fusion of various cuisines rather than the ethnic Dutch meat recipes. The atmosphere of Café itself is a mesmerizing one. The Noordish taste is sure to impress its visitors.

Take a Bike Ride to Explore the Ndsmwerf

Creativity can be found as graffiti on walls, and even the old craps of machines has been set curatively to resemble some alien stuff. The very Dutch culture of Biking around the NDSM Werf allows you to offer the real Noord stuff very closely.

Pllek of IJ to Spend Scenic Evenings

An evening in the Pllek restaurant made surprisingly of old shipping containers would be well spent as they are set in the serene river beach of IJ. The outdoor terrace of Pllek will host music live shows on every Sundays.

Admiring Crane Hotel

A crane turned hotel can arise only in one’s wildest dream. But there indeed is one in the NDSM side of Noord. Though the glimpse from below the hotel at the road sounds a bit acrophobic, it will be strangely fun especially in its exclusive Jacuzzi at the rooftop.

Click a Snap at Picturesque Windmill D’Admiraal

Being one of the quietest spots in packed Amsterdam, you can be yourself at the scenic space next to a canal, clicking as many pictures as you wish. Besides, Windmill D’Admiraal is one of the perfect specimens of a stereotypical Old Dutch Windmill.

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