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The delightful Amsterdam city is not all about city life and its characteristics, but you would find plenty of amazing outdoor adventure activities in the city too. This beautiful city has a number of canals, is close to the coast, and has thick forests, which all make it a perfect place for all those who seek adventure.

Where the canals are best suited for sightseeing tours and casual night outs, the coastline that is near to the city provides a verity of opportunities for enjoying water sports. On the other hand, the forested areas of the city are best suited for biking, climbing, running and many other activities, which could keep your heart pumping. Below are some of the most amazing outdoor activities to try when you tour Amsterdam.

Ice Skating

Ice skating is one of the best activities to do in the Dutch capital city during the winter season. By winter, all the canals of the city would freeze, making some of them perfect ice skating rinks. However, there are many other places for ice skating too in Amsterdam. The Jaap Eden Ice Rink, which got its name from the famous athlete Jaap Eden, is one such good place to go skating. The outdoor and indoor rinks for ice skating here are open all year long.

Tandem Riding in Amstel

The Amstel River would be an awesome spot to go for tandem riding. As you move along you would be able to see Ouderkerk aan de Amstel, which is a beautiful village having lots of conventional farmhouses. It is also a good idea to go house boating at this place.

Lasergamen Amsterdam

You would be able to enjoy laser tag attractions at the laser tag center of Lasergamen Amsterdam. This game has 2 to 24 players, which include both kids (age group above eight) and adults. In this place, you would be able to enjoy a thirty-minute mission using modern laser-tag technology.

You would be able to take this to the next level by playing the paintball. Paintball Spaarnwoude, which is only 15 minutes from the center of Amsterdam, is an awesome spot in the woods to play paintball.

Rowing in Waterland

Waterland is a beautiful natural reserve that is located on the western shore of the Markermeer in the northern region of Amsterdam. Waterland is the best place to canoeing peacefully away from all mental and emotional disturbances. You would be able to rent a boat from one of the boatyard rents, and go rowing along the picturesque waterways of in Holysloot.

After enjoying the ride, it would be a good idea to have a tasty Dutch cuisine from the Schoolhuis, which is a restaurant that houses in a former schoolhouse. The restaurant opens from 11:00 am every Wednesday through Sunday.

Roller Skating through Amsterdam

The skating event in Amsterdam called the Friday Night Skate is the finest skating event ever in the Netherlands. In this event, you would be able to see many skaters roller skating across a distance of 20 kilometers through the city. This group skating event is held every Friday night if the weather outside is good. This is an incredible way to meet new people and get to know the city very well.

Fun Forest

The Fun Forest, that is located in the northern end of Amsterdamse Bos, is a splendid place for enjoying the nature sports of Amsterdam. This family-friendly place offers a verity of fun-filled activities like running, climbing trees, parkour, and many more. Both children and adults are allowed to take part in the marvelous adventures.

In fact, there are many things to do at this place like challenging rope courses, zip lining, and other similar activities. By the summer season, the place would offer you a stand-up paddle boarding on the lake near the forest.

Water Sports in the Beach

There are a large number of beaches in Amsterdam, which could provide everyone visiting this place with adventurous water sports activities. The beautiful beaches of Ijmuiden, Wijk aan Zee, and Velsen-Noord are perfect for adventurous water sports activities.

Kitesurfing and Windsurfing are the most popular sports you would be able to find at this place. It is always good to go for stand-up paddling in calmer days, as it would require a great deal of balancing otherwise.

Horseback Riding

Nieuwe Amstelland and De Amsterdamse Manege are two riding schools located in Amsterdamse Bos. The forest has 20 kilometers of horse riding trails, which could be enjoyed to the fullest with the help of a private Amsterdam tour guide. Riding on a horse along the winding forest is really a fun activity but Amsterdam could provide you more than just fun.

You would also be able to go horse riding along the coastline of the Netherlands, which would be a dream come true experience for many. The riding trials that could last for hours along the sandy shores by evening, is really a promising experience.

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