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Whether you are spending a week in February with your lover, enjoying the warm sunset in August, or are on a tour Amsterdam program any season, there is no dispute that it is a romantic city. There are lots of options for romantic couples wanting to plan a getaway, whether in the open-air or indoors, absolutely free or over-the-top expensive.

See Amsterdam at Night

The magical ambiance of the Dutch capital at nighttime will put you and your lover in a romantic mood. Bridge lights reflect in the canals of Amsterdam and lovebirds walk hand-in-hand along the cobblestoned streets as they look at the windows of houses that line the canals. Evenings spent in Amsterdam, particularly in the canal ring, offers couples a shimmery nightscape to discover together.

To enjoy the night scene, you can book an Amsterdam canal cruise, offered usually in early evening hours. From a basic night tour to beautiful candlelight dinner, there is an Amsterdam canal boat cruise for every budget that is sure to impress your sweetheart.

Take a Private Canal Cruise

It will cost you more than just a few Euros, but hiring a private guide and boat to cruise Dutch canals is more romantic compared to sitting next to complete strangers on a big group boat.

Aboard a quaint salon boat, you and your other half can have a clandestine dinner or sip champagne while floating along the waterways of the capital city.

Dine in ‘Heaven’

The Ciel Bleu restaurant is situated on the 23rd level of Hotel Okura. The French name of the restaurant translates to “blue heaven”. It offers patrons a world-class dining experience and the best panoramic views of Amsterdam city.

If dinner is too expensive for your budget, then you can impress your date with drinks at the nearby cocktail and champagne bar, “Twenty Third”, offering the same stunning bird’s-eye views.

Purchase a New Cut Diamond

Amsterdam is the second most important and largest cutting and polishing center for diamonds. You may not have the money to pay for a 100-carat diamond, but there are factories in Amsterdam offering guided tours of diamond cutting and polishing rooms for free, and having outlets filled with these sparkling stones. Owing to the rate of exchange, you might end up paying in excess of what you might back home in the US, so bear that in mind when shopping for diamonds in Amsterdam.

Stay in a Luxury Hotel

If you wish to show your lover that she deserves the best, then stay in a top five-star hotel in Amsterdam. If this is your first trip to the capital of the Netherlands, then look for a list of the best five-star hotels here to get an idea about where to stay. There is something about the elegant décor, fine linens, and impressive service which cause stresses to disappear.

Catch a Show at the Open Air Theater of Vondelpark

Vondelpark is the largest and most popular park in Amsterdam. Alongside the Van Gogh Museum, the Rijksmuseum, and Zaanse Schans, this park is one of the must-visit attractions, especially for those who are on a first-time trip to the Netherlands.

Vondelpark has some of Amsterdam’s most eclectic cafes and restaurants, winding paths, scenic meadows, and the open-air theater. The venue has a big stage, some stadium-like seating and ample space for people to sit and enjoy a live performance. International and local artists perform their work in the open air at Vondelpark. The park becomes particularly romantic in the warmer seasons.

Attend a Screening at Pathé Tuskinski

Owing to its exceptional structural design, this is considered to be one amongst the most stunning cinema houses in the world. The interior of the theater includes elements drawn from Art Nouveau and Art Deco styles, forming a pastiche of creative motifs. Thanks to these structural elements, Pathé Tuskinski makes going to the cinemas an affair to savor.

It screens independent arthouse films and Hollywood hits, which are different from one another. You can kick back and enjoy the screening, and discuss the film you watched at Pathé Tuskinski over dinner at an adjacent restaurant, or just bundle up and have cocktails at “Xtracold” just some blocks away.

Take a Horse Carriage Ride

When you have traversed the town more than enough to satisfy you and your lover, take a relaxing ride on a horse-carriage to give your feet some much-needed rest. This is a good experience to try, whether it rains or not because you will sit with your lover under a canopy which shields the rain showers or sun. This ride does not come cheap, but it is a good way to get a different view of the Dutch canals and to escape the hustle and bustle and have some private time together with your lover.

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