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It is really hard to find a tourist who is not interested in partying when in Amsterdam. After all, the magical city is popular for its liberal lifestyle and vigorous nightlife. Plus, the Dutch capital offers a plethora of options for all the nocturnal bees out there, whether you fancy intimate jazz shows, rock bands, electro beats, or something more ambiguous. However, you must be familiar with the partying basics here in order to nail your nightlife on your private day tours Amsterdam. Some of those amazing tips for going out in Amsterdam late at night are given below.

Amsterdam Club Timing

When some Amsterdam restaurants tend to shut down earlier, most cafes and bars in Amsterdam will be functional up to 01:00 am on weekdays and up to 03:00 am on weekends. When it comes to dance clubs, they usually close by 03:00 am during weekdays and by 04:00 am on weekends. Apart from that, there is a unique category of bars in Amsterdam known as ‘nachtcafes’, which means night cafes. These bars will be functional up to early morning and hence, will be a great option for all the nocturnal bees who love to dance out the night. However, the closing time of these bars may change under different circumstances. Hence, it is recommended to check their timing before heading for the place.

Party Dress Codes

Thankfully, there are no particular dress codes at most of the night clubs in Amsterdam; you can simply show up in casual jeans and tees as long as you look reputed, tidy, and most of all, sober. Some cafes may turn you away if you go there in ripped jeans, baseball caps, and most importantly, a group in which most of the members are men. Furthermore, some high-end pubs in the Dutch capital such as Escape and Jimmy Woo enforce strict dress codes. When it comes to age restrictions, only people who are above the age of 18 years will be allowed to enter the night clubs here. Some bars enforce 21 plus age policy as well.

Entrance Fee

The entrance fee to different night hangouts may vary according to popularity, events etc. When some bars let you enter and break a leg free of cost, others might charge an entry fee at the door. It is recommended to arrange tickets beforehand if there are some live concerts or events. Do not be surprised if you are required to pay some additional fee in order to partake in some popular events. On the other hand, you can expect a reduction in your fee if you reach some bars before time.

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