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Do you have a foreign trip on the horizon or are you searching for a perfect location to spend your holidays? Without any doubts, Amsterdam will be one of the perfect options for this. The city is popular for many eclectic options. In fact, it can be said that the city has something in store for everyone irrespective of your budget, areas of interest, age, gender, etc.

Some of the main and unique highlights that attract people to this magical destination include adventure, freedom, aesthetic sense, nature, etc. In short, you are likely to feel like in a totally different world when you are in Amsterdam. If you are still skeptic about planning an Amsterdam trip, some of the best reasons that you are likely to fall in love with the Dutch capital are given below.

A Walk around the Picturesque Canal Can Soothe the Mind and Soul of Every Person

One of the most significant attractions of Amsterdam is the scenic canal belt here. As a result of its bewitching appeal and popularity, UNESCO accredited the canal belt as a world heritage site. Do you know that Amsterdam is regarded as the Venice of the North? After all, the canal belt covers around 100 kilometers of the city.

Apart from this defining feature of the city, you can spot a countless number of majestic and trendy bridges here. So, if you visit Amsterdam, make sure to travel around the 17th-century canals here. You can either walk or may consider a river cruise to enjoy a different but spectacular perspective of the city. Without any doubts, this activity is sure to soothe your body and mind.

Be a Bike Rider

As you explore Amsterdam, you will be amazed to learn that most Amsterdammers tend to rely on bikes for their daily commutation. In fact, you can hardly find a person in Amsterdam who does not own a bike or bicycle. No wonder, almost every Amsterdammers is physically fit. Note that the capital city of the Netherlands is one of the best bike-friendly cities in the world. Besides, most of the streets in Amsterdam are narrower and so are some bridges. Obviously, you cannot explore such narrow spaces in your cars. So, make sure to get around Amsterdam using a cycle to enjoy its enchanting appeal to the fullest.

Chill Out with Amsterdammers

One of the best ways to learn some in-depth details about any foreign city is by interacting with the locals there; let alone the case of Amsterdam. Furthermore, the locals in the Dutch capital are extremely friendly and non-judgemental. Hence, you will be incredibly comfortable while interacting with them.

If you want to take the conversation to the next level or surprise your Dutch friends, you may use some colloquial slangs like a ‘Mokummer’, which means a person from Amsterdam in English. This doesn’t mean that you will have to be worried about your language. It is worth noting that Amsterdammers speak fluent English and many other languages. Hence, chilling out with the locals here will be a great option to consider on your Amsterdam city tours.

Appreciate the Architecture

Another defining feature of Amsterdam is the wondrous architectural aesthetics here. Most of you are likely to experience a momentary paralysis as you lay your eyes on some sky-high and unique buildings here such as the windmills, canal houses, contemporary structures, renaissance buildings, etc. One of the amazing constructions in the Dutch capital is the dancing houses, which are narrower and leans towards the ground.

These were the houses of Dutch merchants in the golden age and they made the homes this way by building it on piles and deep into the wet soil. Note that in the olden days, the taxes were imposed on people depending on the size of the facade of their home. This explains why most ancient houses in Amsterdam feature narrower facades. In short, you name it and you can find every ingredient that is perfect for your dosage of architectural inspiration.

Heaven for Foodies

Amsterdam can be referred to as the heaven of foodies. The main highlight of the Dutch capital is the waffles. One of the most popular options that you may try in this case is the stroopwaffle. When you order a stroopwaffle, you will get two mouth-watering wafers stuffed with caramel syrup in the middle. On a related note, Stroop means caramel syrup in English. You can also try different varieties of Belgium waffles with fillings such as fries, fruits, chocolate syrup, sugar, whip cream, etc., depending on your tastes.

Another popular dish that can make you bite your fingers is the Vlaamse fries topped with a wide variety of sauces. Note that the type of sauce that you choose is the element makes every fry different. While some people relish the taste of cheesy sauces, some people will be drooling over fruit and berry sauces. Apart from this, you can enjoy a wide variety of Kebabs and pancakes here.

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