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We all are human beings and are likely to make some bad choices in life and that is absolutely fine. Note that you are more likely to make some silly mistakes on your maiden foreign trips since you will not be familiar with the lifestyle, culture, traditions, etc., in the city. One of the best destinations that boast a highly permissive culture to make a first-timer prone to take some poor decisions is Amsterdam. Hence, it is better to consult with your private Amsterdam tour guide in order to get a brief idea regarding what to do and what not to do in this mesmerizing city. Furthermore, you may consider the valuable points listed below so as to save your belongings as well as your life on your private Amsterdam tours.

Walking in the Bike Lane

The main mode of transportation in Amsterdam is motorbikes and bicycles. In fact, it will be really hard to spot a local who does not own at least one bike. This explains the healthy lifestyle and appealing physique of Amsterdammers. It is to be noted that there are around 1285 bridges in the Dutch capital and most of the streets in this historic city are narrow. Hence, the fastest way to get around in Amsterdam will be two-wheelers when opposed to cars and buses. On top of that, it is really expensive to get a parking spot in Amsterdam and this fact as well made bikes a popular option amongst the locals.

In order to enjoy the true Amsterdam culture, most tourists may often rent bikes to explore the city or opt for an Amsterdam bike tour for sightseeing. Besides, there are many designated lanes in the city for bike riders; getting on the lane for clicking photos or jaywalking on the lane can result in some serious accident in which you will hurt yourself as well as the biker. In addition, when crossing the road, make sure to cross-check even after the light is green, since cyclists sometimes will not slow down or stop at the crosswalks.

Swimming in the Canal

Amsterdam city is mainly known for its picturesque canal belt. It is worth noting that there are 165 canals in the Dutch capital that are sure to offer a delightful treat to your eyes. Plus, these canals play a major role in giving the city an appeal of a magical world. Needless to mention, anyone would love to dive in the canal and enjoy some time swimming in the water. This can, however, hurt or injure you badly.

It is true that canals in the city are extremely appealing and are flushed out at proper intervals. In addition, most houseboats and cruises employ efficient sewage disposal and waste management system. Nevertheless, you can still find much scrap, especially motorbike parts at the bottom of the canal. The rusted metal pieces may injure you if you dive deep into the canals here. Hence, make sure to avoid diving into the canals and getting a permanent Amsterdam canal souvenir on your maiden trip.

Not Purchasing Amsterdam Passes

You are likely to be greeted by an overwhelming number of attractions in the city and of course, every traveler would love to venture most of these options. However, it can be quite an expensive affair to check out a vast number of highlights in the Dutch capital. In order to tackle this issue and explore the city like a boss, without going overboard on your budget, consider buying any of the Amsterdam discounts passes. Note that there are a wide variety of discount passes in Amsterdam such as attraction passes, metro passes, museum passes, city passes, etc. You may choose the one that is appropriate to meet your travel goals.

There are many benefits of purchasing Amsterdam passes and one of the main upsides is that it saves your time and money. With Amsterdam attraction passes, you will get instant access to most of the popular landmarks in the city. Otherwise, you will have to stand in long and tiring queues that will not only exhaust you but also consume your valuable time that can be used to explore other important highlights here. Plus, you are likely to get around 40% off on your overall ticket charge.

Renting a Car

Amsterdam is a small city and hence, there is no point in renting a car for sightseeing tours. On top of that, it is really hard to find parking spots in Amsterdam and if found, it will be really expensive. Rather you may rent bikes or bicycles to venture the city like a local. As mentioned earlier, most streets and majestic bridges in the city are narrow, making it impossible for commuters to traverse using cars. In case you are planning to rent a car so as to get around the city as fast as you can, your best option will be to consider travelling in the metro trains. Better, if you have metro or public transportation passes. This will trim down your overall travel expenses and will let you explore as many places in the city as you can.

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