6 Romantic Date Nights Ideas to Consider When in Amsterdam

Private Amsterdam Walking Tours
Private Amsterdam Walking Tours
Private Amsterdam Walking Tours
Private Amsterdam Walking Tours

Amsterdam city never fails to amaze visitors. With its perfectly manicured gardens, cobblestoned streets, picturesque canals, colorful Tupelo blooms, the capital city of the Netherlands creates the impression of a stunning romantic paradise. No wonder, Amsterdam is one of the best spots to enjoy a date night with your beloved. Whether you are on your first date with your significant other or on your 25th date, the Dutch capital boasts a number of options to make your romantic moments even more romantic and exciting. Below are some of the perfect options that you can do on private Amsterdam walking tours with your date rather than simply going to an expensive restaurant.

Funny Date

Does your better half tend to crack jokes often or is it hard for her to control her laughter when something funny happens? Then, a funny date is the right choice to impress your sweetie. Note that if you are on your first date, it is better to leave it in the hands of professionals so that there is no room for mistakes. Needless to mention, laughter is one of the best ice breakers.

Additionally, if you still want to contribute to the whole comedy program, it is better to reserve your seats in the front row. This is likely to make you as well as your partner the stars of the show since the professionals tend to interact with their viewers often and the first row is the best spot. Note that you can enjoy comedy programs in English at several spots or locations around the Dutch capital.

Zoo Date

Some people might frown reading the heading since a date arranged in a zoo might find awkward or unromantic for them. On the other hand, some couples would be jumping with joy, especially if it is a petting zoo. If you and your significant other are fond of animals and belong to the latter category, a zoo date is a perfect option to make your relationship or bond even stronger. One of the perfect options that you may consider in this case is the Artis Zoo, which will be functional until sunset on Saturdays in the summer season. Undoubtedly, the fragrant gardens, historic buildings, and exotic animals will enhance the overall romantic atmosphere.

If you believe in astrology and stars, head on to the planetarium, which is the largest of its kind in the city. In case, you are more of an adventure junkie or a water person, explore the depths of the ocean by exploring the underwater aquarium in the Artis Zoo. If you are on an economic trip, it is better to purchase Amsterdam city card so that you can get free entry to the Artis zoo and many other attractions. Plus, you will get a huge discount on transportation as well.

Tipsy Date

Do you love to get drunk on your date? If yes, take your better half to a wine tasting center in Amsterdam and impress her with your wine tasting skills. The Vyne, a committed wine tasting bar in the Dutch capital, will be one of the best choices for you to consider in this case.

However, consuming too much wine might sometimes ruin your date and hence, try not to cross your limits. If you like reviewing craft beer, head on to any of the boutique breweries in Amsterdam and enjoy the local brews.

Literary Date

You have to set up your date according to the personality and lifestyle of your partner. So, it is not necessary that every date should be funny or adventurous. If your partner is a bookworm, take her to the biggest library in Amsterdam and browse through thousands of unique love stories. You can consider the English bookstore, American book center or Waterstones booksellers for this. Besides, you can understand a lot about your partner based on the type of books he/she chooses to read.

Movie Date

Is your partner a movie buff? Then, a movie date will be a great option to break the ice and get to know each other well. However, make your movie date an extraordinary one by taking her to PatheTuschinski where you can watch your favorite Hollywood blockbuster while enjoying the seducing appeal of the interior, which is inspired by the Art Deco period.

This will be definitely an ideal choice for all the architecture enthusiasts out there. Another choice that you may consider in this case is The Movies that highlights independent movies and art houses. This will be a lovely choice for the people who love to enjoy retro nights.

Food Date

Of course, how can you wrap up your date night without relishing tasty food irrespective of whether or not you are a foodie? However, one of the biggest dilemmas you are likely to face in this case is to choose a restaurant that is neither too expensive nor too casual and the one that does not serve spicy food dishes.

You can, fortunately, ignore all such factors and zero in on the right choice when in Amsterdam. Note that the Food Hallen in Amsterdam is an outstandingly tempting option for all the food lovers out there. Here, you can find several street food stalls along with vibrant wine and cocktail bars.

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