Where To Buy CBD Oil In Amsterdam

Cannabidiol has created much buzz in the health and wellness sector in the last couple of years. This substance procured from marijuana and industrial hemp is in various ways beneficial for human and animal health. Marijuana-based CBD products are high in tetrahydrocannabinol, a mind-altering chemical compound. Therefore, nations around the world have passed laws that limit the sale of CBD to hemp-based derivatives.

Holland’s legislation permits the sale of a CBD product if every phytocannabinoid in it is procured outside the nation, and it only has 0.5% or less THC. So keep this in mind when looking to buy CBD oil in Amsterdam or anywhere else in Europe. You might want to use the phytocannabinoid for general health and welfare purposes or a medical condition. Whatever your purpose may be, be sure to purchase only the legally allowed hemp derivatives. Here is a list of online stores that sell different kinds of CBD items for customers.

Sensi Seeds

It is one of the biggest cannabis seed banks in the world. Sensi Seeds has physical stores in the Dutch capital, plus it sells a vast array of products through its e-commerce website. The company has experience dealing with phytocannabinoids and cannabis products for more than three decades. So you can find products that are of the finest quality and that contain cannabidiol.

Sensi Seeds also operates an ecommerce website, where there are various cannabis seeds, vaping devices, and CBD products for sale. The subsidiary of the company namely HempFlax manufactures CBD products for it by confirming quality control. It uses industrial hemp to produce the items without any herbicide or pesticide to ensure safety and quality.


This global company sells fully organic industrial hemp derivatives. Elixinol has a branch in the Netherlands, and it delivers products to customers in the nation too. Paul Benhaim is among the founders of the company. His first item, a hemp-based snack named ‘9bar’, is among the top-selling goods in the world even today. Benhaim is passionate about making both hemp items and CBD goods of the finest quality.

Every Elixinol product goes through scrupulous tests. It uses carbon dioxide to extract cannabinoids from hemp. The testing and the extraction method ensure that no item of it has any microbiological contamination, pesticide, chemical, or heavy metal. The catalog of it includes cannabidiol oil capsules, plus liposomes and tinctures made from industrial hemp. The capsules are more potent as compared to the tincture, the topical items, and the sprays of Elixinol.

On the other hand, the company’s hemp-derived CBD oil tinctures have the whole range of phytocannabinoids. All of these are full-spectrum tinctures, which have the so-called entourage effect. It is the effect by which phytocannabinoids work synergistically to give you as many health benefits as possible.

Dutch Passion

This is a manufacturer of cannabis seeds based in the capital city of the Netherlands. Dutch Passion sells CBD-rich seeds and many different cannabis varieties. Also known as cannabis strains, these plant varieties include a product known as ‘Blue Family’.

According to the company, its CBD oil goods are of the greatest quality, and these have the kind of effects that can be most relied on. Dutch Passion can deliver every product available on its ecommerce website to many nations, including the Netherlands. Cannabis seeds can only grow in specific climates, so confirm that it is suitable for your place’s climate before purchasing any of these products.

OCHO Amsterdam

It is a cannabidiol manufacturer, not a reseller. They use plants that are not genetically modified as sources of raw materials. These plants are rich in cannabidiol and fully organic. OCHO Amsterdam’s extraction methods ensure that its CBD oils are of the finest quality and that these contain no solvent, pesticide and heavy metal. Every product it sells is free of tetrahydrocannabinol, so you can legally consume each item in the Netherlands.

Each of these CBD goods contributes to the user’s health and wellbeing. That is because cannabidiol has many beneficial properties, including anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory effects.

For a hemp derivative to be categorized as ‘full spectrum’, it needs to have every phytocannabinoid. The company website wrongly informs that it has full-spectrum CBD products for sale. It is a piece of wrong information, which contradicts the company’s statement that none of its items has THC. This is a common mistake of some CBD manufacturers in Amsterdam and other places in Europe. Anyhow, there is much to appreciate about OCHO Amsterdam’s online catalog. The extensive variety of its products includes CBD cream, raw CBD oil for the skin, and CBD-infused lip balm.

Amsterdam Genetics

This is among the many cannabis cultivators based in the Netherlands. It offers an array of medical marijuana varieties, feminized cannabis strains, and CBD products. Some of the goods it sells are gummies, cream, oil, salve, chocolate, and tablets all containing cannabidiol.

Amsterdam Genetics offers product delivery in several countries, which include Holland. Aside from the standard hemp derivatives, the e-commerce website also has vaping devices, rolling papers, cannabis grinding tools, lighter, and many other non-CBD products. There is also a small collection of clothing on the store with the brand name ‘Amsterdam Genetics’ printed. Some of its clothing products have cannabis product-related information printed.


It is a CBD producer and supplier situated in Switzerland. The company makes excellent CBD goods, which come with lab tests that confirm the safety and purity of the products. It has a subsidiary in the Netherlands. Professional labs in Switzerland make cannabidiol oil for the company. The lab tests reveal that this product has no genetically modified organism, pesticide, or toxin. The main objective of laboratory testing is to confirm the amounts of every hemp-based phytocannabinoid in the product.

The company’s CBD goods include oil, supplements, and creams and also offers another hemp-derived phytocannabinoid named cannabigerol (CBG) as a crystalline powder. The company delivers its products to collection zones in Spain, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Luxembourg, France, and Belgium for free based on the order amount. It also ships CBD goods to many other nations.

Any product made in Switzerland has high quality, and the same goes for these goods.

Dutch Natural Healing

This is one of the leading companies in Europe’s cannabidiol industry. The company is based in Holland, and it sells a broad range of cannabidiol goods. Every product of it is produced with industrial hemp’s top portions. Each product contains under 0.05% THC, which means people in the Netherlands can use it without having to break the law. For a limited period during the coronavirus pandemic, the company offered a free protective mask for every product order.

Dutch Natural Healing’s online catalog includes cannabidiol oil, CBG oil, CBD isolate items, and CBD pet products. A one-of-a-kind product of it is ‘CBDActive+’, which is a water-soluble and drinkable form of cannabidiol oil. By purchasing this water-soluble cannabidiol product, you can get your fix of CBD very easily. Experts feel that this type of CBD product improves cannabidiol’s bioavailability considerably. When it comes to CBD, the word ‘bioavailability’ means the portion or percentage of cannabidiol that makes it to the flowing blood.


It is a CBD oil producer and supplier with headquarters in Europe. The company’s standard of extracting cannabinoids from industrial hemp is high. It harvests the plant of the topmost quality that is cultivated by getting rid of every pesticide, toxin, and herbicide. It monitors hemp from the phase of sowing to that of cannabidiol extraction. Endoca has GMP-certified labs where cannabinoids are extracted from the hemp plant. It also has high-quality goods with industrial hemp’s natural essence.

Endoca may be headquartered elsewhere, but the company still offers delivery in Holland too. The company has no physical store in the Netherlands, but every product it delivers to the country adheres to Dutch laws. The ecommerce website has CBD pet products, CBD oils, concentrates, and more.

Dutch Hemp Store

This company has been in business since 2013. It is possible to utilize the industrial hemp plant to get virtually everything, including fiber and seed. This is why the company started to include as many hemp derivatives as it can in its collection. On the web store of the company, there are usual hemp derivatives, clothing, and sunglasses made from hemp parts. The plant derivatives of the company include CBD oils, CBD cosmetics, and CBD pet products.

Many of these products are also available in the Bussum-based brick and mortar boutique of Dutch Hemp Store. So if you want a proper preview of any product, visiting the physical outlet of the company might be a better option. Bussum is near the Dutch capital. The journey from Amsterdam Central Station to Bussum by train only takes a few minutes, so you can go there if you want.

The web store has pure cannabidiol in the forms of capsules, seeds, oils, water, and edibles. There is a small collection of CBD vaping devices and accessories on the ecommerce website of it.


Sirius has not just a web store, but it also possesses physical outlets in the Netherlands. You can find many different products that contain cannabidiol on Sirius’s ecommerce website and Netherlands-based stores.

Sirius has many positive reviews on the internet. The main products of the store may be cannabis seeds, but it also has an excellent range of cannabidiol products.

The products that people most often purchase from it are capsules, oils, skin oils, and cream, all filled with cannabidiol. The company delivers every product that costs €15 and above for free in Holland. It offers shipment in the European Union in 1 to 3 business days.

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