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Louvre museum is one of the most important museums in the world. It opens its doors to thousands of tourists every day. Therefore, you need to know a little more to truly enjoy the experience of visiting the place. You can get past the crowd, and visit the best places with the least amount of distraction. Below are a few tips to make your Louvre museum tours one of the most memorable ones.


You can visit the galleries of the museum with minimum trouble if you do the essential research regarding the proceedings at the museum. Usually, people struggle with their backpacks in the line and then a few more hours walking around with the crowd. Louvre is open for tourists daily except on Tuesdays, May 1, January 1, and December 25. There are late admissions on Wednesdays and Fridays starting from 9 and lasting till 9.45. On these days, it gets very less crowded after 5 PM.

Admission is free for all on the first Sunday from October 1 to March 31.

The main entrance of the museum is through the pyramid wall while there is also an entrance through the Carrousel du Louvre, the underground mall. You can access this place directly from the metro. Another entrance called the Passage Richelieu can be visited with the help of a guide. These entrances have a common point beneath the pyramid which makes the whole museum accessible for the entrants.

Have A Plan Before Visiting

One of the most effective ways of seeing the Louvre pyramid is to have a clear plan of what you would like to see. With a museum of this size, it is impossible to see everything. There are two ways of exploring the museum. Firstly, you could choose to cover the museum broadly. This means you will visit the most prominent artworks on display. This should include Mona Lisa, The Coronation of Napoleon, and The Liberty Leading the People. You should also visit sculptures like Artemis with a Doe and Venus de Milo. You can also head to an area that is specialized over a region like Mesopotamia.

There is no other way to explore the museum with time in hands. In this way, you could spend ample time over a certain niche. This also helps you to gain an understanding of the areas.

Make sure that have a clear plan ahead of your visit to the museum in order to make your time here memorable.

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