Worst Decisions to Avoid in Amsterdam

Private Amsterdam Tour Guide
Things To Avoid In Amsterdam

We all have made many bad decisions in our life, and while on Amsterdam tours, the permissive culture of the city can offer you many chances to make pretty poor decisions. Therefore, it will be a good idea to consult with your private Amsterdam tour guide and consider the things shared below, to save your wallet and life, before deciding on the things to do in your Amsterdam tours.

Trying Local Beer

You can find many beer bars in the town and most of them offer Belgian beer in place of the local brew. This does not mean that these local beer bars offer the Heineken. Many Amsterdam tour experts recommend starting with the Oedipus brewed beer that you can easily spot in most of the bars and grocery stores.

Swimming in the Canals

It is true that the canals in the city are flushed out completely at regular intervals and most of the houseboats now have proper waste management and sewage disposal systems. However, there is much scrap on the bottom of the canals, like rusted pieces of bikes, which can offer you permanent souvenirs of your Amsterdam canal tour.

Buying Street Drugs

While at Amsterdam, you need to keep in mind that hard drugs are not legal in Netherlands. However, you can find many street drug peddlers in the town, as selling of these drugs is not supervised or regulated in the city. Yet note that many Amsterdam tourists have died from buying wrong stuffs from the wrong people.

Sleeping in Too Long on Sunny Days

Skipping the nice weather can prove to be a big mistake in your Amsterdam tours, as you will regret the decision later on the rainy days. Plan your territories and visits when the weather is sunny, as you will not be able to move around the city when it is raining.

Buying a Second-Hand Multi Speed Bike

Biking in the town can be fun and when it is a multispeed bike, it can be even more enjoyable. However, the experiences of many tourists prove that the fun will last only for a week. The gear system of the bike can break down completely in a week making it impossible for you to pedal. Therefore, it will be a good idea to rent bikes rather than buying them.