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The Jewish Quarter in Amsterdam is the place between Plantage and Nieuwmarkt. It is historically known as Jodenbuurt. This neighborhood has many historical buildings related to the life of Jews. At present, these buildings are under the control of The Jewish Cultural Quarter that is the organization working to preserve the Jewish culture in Amsterdam. You can visit these buildings if you get a ticket from any of the box offices related to the Jewish Cultural Quarter. You can have access to all of these buildings with just one ticket.

The Portuguese Synagogue

The Spanish Jews who were dwelling in Amsterdam city in the late 17th century constructed this building. The Dutch Republic had very liberal laws regarding religion at that time. This made many of the persecuted Jews from the Iberian Peninsula to leave there place and come to the Dutch Republic. This synagogue continues to be the worship place of the Jews even today. It also houses the Ets Haim Library, which is one of the world’s oldest Jewish libraries.

The National Holocaust Memorial Hollandsche Schouwburg

The Hollandsche Schouwburg was originally a theater but was turned into a deportation center during the Second World War. When the Nazis under Hitler occupied the city of Amsterdam, many of the Jewish families were forced to live here and were later transported to the camps in the Dutch-German border. From here, they were taken to the concentration camps and murdered cruelly. After the war was over, the municipality of Amsterdam converted this theater into a monument and put a stone pillar in its courtyard as a memorial.

National Holocaust Museum

This is another building close to the Holocaust Memorial and is made inside a school that the Dutch resistance workers used in smuggling Jewish children out of the city during the Nazi terror. The stories of the people affected by the Holocaust are documented inside the museum and there are temporary exhibitions held here depicting modern Jewish history.

Jewish Historical Museum

This building structure stands at the place where four synagogues stood earlier. The museum has two permanent exhibitions that are meant to provide knowledge on the history of Judaism in the Netherlands and to impart knowledge about Jewish customs, traditions, and ceremonies. There are other temporary exhibitions held in the place regularly. There are many thousands of artifacts preserved in this museum, which the visitors can behold. On its grounds is located a small museum meant for children.

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