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It is always pure joy to collect some amazing souvenirs from the places that you visit and cherishing every moment associated with it after many years or decades. In fact, most frequent travelers are likely to have a great souvenir collection from all over the world. When it comes to the Dutch Capital, it is extremely hard to sum up a few choices, since every little thing in Amsterdam is captivating and worth cherishing for a lifetime. If you are also facing such a dilemma, below is a list of unique souvenirs that you may collect from the city on your private Amsterdam walking tours.

A Bottle of Bolsjenever

Jenever is an alcoholic beverage and is often compared to gin. However, the former predates the latter by several years and is also comparatively mellower and more aromatic. Usually, Dutch people tend to consume Jenever straight or alongside a bottle of blonde beer. The latter traditional combination is colloquially known as kopstoot, which means ‘head butt’ in English.

This traditional Dutch drink has been manufactured in the Dutch Capital city for centuries. Note that the Bols distillery is the veteran Jenever manufacturer here who introduced multiple variants of the drink. Hence, taking an authentic Bold Jenever bottle to your home totreasure it for a lifetime will be a great way to often remember your Dutch holidays.

Droog Design Products

Droog is a leading Dutch name when it comes to stunning interior products. The company emerged as a top brand in the design world in the 1990s. They are extremely popular for their products that usually adapt prefabricated materials into teetotal items with a touch of unique and captivating sense of playfulness. Currently, you can find most of its amazing products at the company’s headquarters that is located at Staalstraat.

Some of the unique pieces that you can find here are designed by popular artists such as Tejo Remy, Marcel Wanders, and JurgenBey. Purchase any of the outstanding pieces from here and give your home a touch of Dutch beauty. Note that it is recommended to purchase any of the small interior decors. Otherwise, it will not only be hard for you to carry but also it will consume most space in your baggage leaving less room for other products.

Old Amsterdam Matured Gouda

The Netherlands is incredibly popular for its dairy products and cheese lovers can find a dizzying number of choices here. In Amsterdam, there are numerous stores where you can purchase Gouda, Edam and other farmhouse cheese varieties. Committed cheese lovers can head on to the old Amsterdam area where you can find exceptional matured Gouda. This cheese variant possesses full-bodied flavor with a sturdy and crumbly texture that is perfect to pair with pickles and dark beer.

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