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Amsterdam is one of the best options that you may consider to spend your holidays irrespective of whether or not you have been to this magical land. Note that the city tends to offer something new and unique every time you visit. Even though the first few attractions that you may think about when it comes to Amsterdam is the canals, bikes, and museums, the Dutch capital is much beyond that. Some of the appealing incentives that every traveler may swoon over when it comes to visiting the capital city of the Netherlands include its unique breweries, excellent architectural designs, weed culture, the pride celebrations, spectacular parks, traditional festivals, etc.

Once you decided on Amsterdam, you would start searching for the best options when it comes to basic needs such as food, accommodation, and transportation. Out of these, the most important factor is accommodation since once you choose the right hotel for your stay, the rest of the options will just simply fall in place. Now, if you are wondering about the best places to stay in Amsterdam, some of the unique options along with its stunning highlights are listed below. Needless to mention, all these superlative lodging choices are perfect for to explore the Amsterdam area to the fullest.

Stay at a Magnificent Hotel

One of the best options that you may consider for your stay in Amsterdam is Hotel Zaandam at the Zaandam neighborhood. Unlike other hotels, you will not have to check in here without figuring out how it would be like to stay here. Note that the exterior design of the hotel is sure to take your breath away. This is one of the biggest perks of considering this option. Note that the exterior of this wonderful hotel is likely to remind you of the buildings or mansions that you watched in numerous fairy tale movies.

The Highlights

The building is designed in a way that you would feel like they have stacked multicolored traditional Dutch houses one above another. Apart from this jaw-dropping exterior aesthetics, the interior design also is worth mind blowing. As you venture in, you will be amazed to find a stunning 4-star hotel that boasts comfortable rooms, spa, a large swimming pool, and a restaurant that serves authentic Dutch dishes.

The main highlights of this restaurant are the interior that reflects the past of the city and ten dishes that are made from the locally sourced ingredients. Furthermore, this lodging option will be ideal for you if you look forward to exploring the old Holland charm that include ancient churches, windmills, traditional farm houses, etc.

Consider a Country Estate to Enjoy a Royal Stay

There will be hardly any person who does not love to live like a king at least once in their life. Well, you can make your dream come true by renting any of the country estates in Amsterdam for your stay. One of the best options that you may consider in this case is the Landgoed Duin & Kruidberg country estate at Santspoort Noord neighborhood. Constructed in the 16th century, this amazing country house once served as home to His Royal Highness, the Prince of Orange, also known as William III. Note that he was the former king of England.

The Highlights

Every room in this mansion reflects the beauty of the Dutch golden age and has several stories to tell. You can either choose to bed down at a majestic suite or a patio room that is designed in the new hotel wing. Anyway, you can enjoy a guaranteed level of luxury to experience a royal stay. Other attractions at this country estate include a spa that features traditional and modern treatments, a spectacular English garden, and an outstanding restaurant. Plus, the popular National Park Zuid-Kennemerland that boasts exceptional natural beauty is just a stone’s throw away.

Live in a Real Tree House

One of the main attractions of Amsterdam is its natural beauty. If you fancy waking up to the sound of birds, animals, and water bodies rather than in a calm majestic hotel room, a tree house stay would be a perfect option for you. Needless to mention, this will be the best way to stay close to nature. In fact, what will be more appealing than spotting several wild animals and unique species from the comfort of your bed? One of the popular options in Amsterdam if you are thinking about a tree house stay is Geversduin Camping.

The Highlights

Here, the tree houses are built in the Dutch forest using durable Plato wood. This will make you feel like you are staying in your own mammoth tree. Each tree house here is designed in a way to accommodate 6 people and is equipped with hot/cold water and heater facilities. The best part is that you can enjoy a magnificent panorama of the North Holland Dune Reserves when looked out of your sky-high home. Note that this area is an exceptionally picturesque landscape that features vast dunes and natural reserves.

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