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Amsterdam, which is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, is an ideal place to visit irrespective of seasons. Be it snow, rain, summer, or anything, the city will have something in store for all the visitors always.

Amsterdam is even more beautiful and happening as in the summer season. At this time, the overall ambiance of the city is something different. You will be spellbound when you see how beautiful the city brims in sunlight. For instance, consider the sparkling canals, colorful blooms that are even more beautiful and energetic in sunlight, gleaming architectural aesthetics and all.

During summertime, the opportunities for visitors to rock their holidays in Amsterdam are the maximum. There are endless activities and events that are happening in and around the city during the summer season. Each of the summer activities are in favor of travelers; that is, you can make the best out of your Amsterdam trip at this time. Some of the common things that you can expect in the Dutch city on your sunny holidays are barbeque parties at a park, river cruise, various water activities, etc. Below are certain things that prop up touring Amsterdam during summer.

A Variety of Festivals

Almost every Amsterdamian loves festivals, and in summer, you can see different types of festivals happening in the city every weekend. So, this is the best time for the travelers to understand the culture of the Dutch capital. Note that more than 300 festivals are celebrated in Amsterdam every year and majority of those are organized in summer. Most of the festivals involve music events, food festivals, cultural festivals, dance performances, etc.

Barbeque in Parks

In most countries, there are some strict rules regarding barbeque parties in the public. Fortunately, it is totally acceptable to barbeque in a park in Amsterdam, especially during the summertime. However, only certain parks will allow you to light up a barbeque in their premises. For instance, Vondelpark banned the use of BBQ from 2017, yet Oosterpark and Westerpark still allow BBQ parties, but with due supervision.

Enjoy Outdoors

The climate of the Dutch capital is mostly cold, and hence, summertime is really a celebration for all people here. Most of the restaurants and bars take all their things outside when the sun is high. So, when you tour Amsterdam at this time, do not forget to enjoy a cup of tea in the sunshine. Apart from this, Amsterdam also provides some other best options that range from bohemian and swish rooftops to fantastic beaches.

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