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Tourist Attractions In Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a city rich in historical attractions and beautiful green spaces. With hundreds of canals, architecturally rich buildings, historical museums, landscaped gardens, awesome shopping zones, and eateries, the beauty and culture of this marvelous city mesmerizes all types of travelers. If you are on your first Amsterdam tours, you might be overwhelmed and confused with what all attractions to see in the Dutch capital. So to help you out, given below are the top tourist destinations in Amsterdam that you should not miss.

Van Gogh Museum

With 1.5 million visitors visiting this museum every year, it is definitely a must-visit attraction in the city. This museum houses the world’s largest collection of Vincent Van Gogh’s paintings. It includes 500 drawings, 200 paintings, and 700 letters from the famous artist. Apart from this, there are numerous works from his contemporaries too.


This museum was opened in 1809 to house rare antiquities and art collections from the country. Rijksmuseum has a stunning seven million artwork collection in total, with 5000 paintings on display across 250 rooms. In addition to this, there is a library having 35,000 books and many manuscripts also.

West Church

It is a Renaissance church having many interior and exterior Gothic architecture features. ‘Langar Jan’, its 85-meter tower, is the highest in Amsterdam, and its tip resembles the emperor’s crown placed in the memory of the Austrian Emperor Maximilian, who got his illness cured in Amsterdam and gave his protection to the city.

Anne Frank Museum

This museum, as the name suggests, is dedicated to one of the world’s best-known Holocaust victim, Anne Frank. This is actually a home where Anne and her family hid during the World War II. It was here where she wrote the book ‘The Diary of Anne Frank’, which became an international bestseller after the War.

The Royal Palace

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With ancient Roman architecture, the Royal Palace of Amsterdam highlights classical exteriors and magnificently furnished interiors, and apartments decorated with ornamentation, friezes, and marble sculptures, and with ceiling paintings by Govert Flinck and Ferdinand Bol, pupils of Rembrandt. More highlights include the finest furniture collections and some famous artworks.

Jewish Historical Museum

The feature of this museum is its large collection of religious artifacts like Torah robes, decorated Torah headdresses, and silver Torah containers. This museum has a large library as well, while in Upper Synagogue there is a kosher restaurant. Outside the museum, you can see Docker Monument that commemorated a strike that occurred during 1941.


The Stedelijk is Amsterdam’s Municipal Museum founded in 1895. It mainly focuses on nineteenth and twentieth century French and Dutch paintings. In addition, renowned art movements like De Stijl, Pop Artwork by Warhol and Rosenquist, etc are a feature too. The sculpture garden has works by Moore, Visser, Renoir, and Rodin.

The New Church

In Dutch known as the Nieuwe Kerk, the New Church is located near the Royal Palace in Dam Square. Now, the square, as well as the church, are a spot for hosting public events like art exhibitions and antique fairs. Furthermore, regular organ concerts are held in the church. The church is also a burial spot for Dutch naval heroes.

Rembrandt House Museum

Formerly the house where Rembrandt and his wife Saskia lived, it has now become a museum that has been reconstructed completely to feature how the house might have looked during Rembrandts days. One can see many of his works on display, especially etchings and objects collected from many parts of the world.

Natura Artis Magistra

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Also known as the Artis Zoo, it will be a favorite destination to go with your children. In the zoo, you can see many creatures from across the world resting in a shady garden setting. Here, you can gain knowledge about coral reef system in the aquarium as well. Other highlights include a zoological museum, nocturnal animal house, planetarium, butterfly pavilion, etc.

The Amsterdam Museum

It was formerly a municipal orphanage opened in 1414. This museum has a number of courtyards where you can understand about the constant role changing of the city in the country. Inside the Amsterdam Museum, you can see many prehistoric finds and displays that describe how the land was recovered from the sea.

The Museum of the Tropics

Established in the year 1864, the Museum of the Tropics is a great place to visit if you are interested in the country’s former colonies. Here, you can see a number of art displays and objects from tropical as well as subtropical regions. In addition to this, this museum also hosts concerts of Asian and Eastern music by using traditional instruments.

Kalverstraat and Vlooienmarkt

Amsterdam has many great places where you can shop for local to high-end goods. The most famous of it is the Kalverstraat, where there are many galleries, boutiques, cafes, perfumeries, etc. To get a different shopping experience, you can head over to Vlooienmarkt to find anything from antiques to new and used clothes.

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