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Several tourists who are going on private Amsterdam walking tours have a misconception that the Dutch capital has given away all its secrets. Yet the reality is that there are plenty of hidden and unexplored sights and attractions in the city even today, and tourists rarely visit most of these spots because they are not at all aware of the existence of these places.

Some of the fascinating attractions and hidden gems in Amsterdam are tucked away behind the famous landmarks in the city; some of these quieter and lesser-known attractions in the city are located in plain sight, but tourists and some natives have not yet explored these places. So if you are a person who wishes to make the most of your Amsterdam walking tour, then you should definitely try to visit at least a few of the below-mentioned hidden spots in the city.


Westergasfabriek is an enormous cultural hub, which is located right in the middle of Amsterdam’s Westerpark. This massive structure was initially constructed inside an expansive gasworks facility that was built in the late 19th Century.

The unique industrial vibe of Westergasfabriek perfectly matches with its own cultural leanings. Take a stroll through the streets and other famous attractions in Westergasfabriek will be one of the major highlights of your Amsterdam tour. Apart from that, you will be able to find music venues, restaurants, and an art-house cinema in the same place.

City Archives

The entry to most of the famous museums in Amsterdam is not free, which means that if you were on a tight budget, then you would probably need to skip these attractions while you are in the city. If that is the case, then you should head straight to the main exhibition hall of the City Archives because you do not need to pay any money to gain admission to this museum.

You will be able to find a number of fascinating items in the main exhibition hall including a police report filed by Anne Frank regarding her stolen bicycle and the document, which banished Baruch Spinoza from the Jewish community of Amsterdam. You can also find plenty of temporary exhibitions inside the City Archives of Amsterdam.

REM Eiland

REM Eiland is a unique waterborne restaurant, which is situated inside a stunning renovated offshore platform in the city. This offshore platform was owned by a few pirate radio broadcasters back in the 1960’s. However, these broadcasters were forced to abandon the platform when the Dutch government raided their operation.

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A few decades later, government authorities towed this offshore platform to the Houthaven harbor of Amsterdam and later converted it into a restaurant. If you wish to enjoy a unique Amsterdamian dining experience, then you should visit REM Eiland and enjoy a delicious meal at the spectacular upper decks of this restaurant.

The Pancake Boat

The famous Pancake Boat in the city will surely be one of the major highlights of your tour. This cozy boat takes you on a cruise through the canals in the city while offering you an unlimited supply of delicious pancakes. You can find different varieties of pancakes with different tasty toppings.

The Pancake Boat is usually docked in Amsterdam’s Noord right next to the NDSM Wharf ferry stop. You can opt for a two hour, one hour, or even half an hour long cruise from the long list of options. The Pancake Boat is exclusively booked for children’s parties and other events on all Wednesday afternoons. However, you will also be able to rent the Pancake Boat for personal events such as birthdays, anniversaries, and more.

Blijburg aan Zee Beach

As you would probably know, there are plenty of elegant beaches in the city, which edge onto the rivers, canals, and lakes of Amsterdam. You might not be able to visit all these beautiful Amsterdamian beaches if you are visiting the city for just a couple of days or three. So, it is best to decide which one of these beaches you want to visit during the planning stage.

The Blijburg aan Zee Beach of Amsterdam is the ideal destination for tourists who are searching for a classic beach-bum experience. The clear water, golden sand, and the tiki hut-style restaurant located near the beach will surely make your Amsterdam tour a lot more delightful and unforgettable.

If you still have time after visiting all the above-mentioned secret spots in the Dutch capital, then you should try to schedule a visit to the EYE Film Museum, Ons’ Lieve Heer op Solder, and Amsterdamse Bos before ending your tour. Exploring and uncovering these unknown and less-popular attractions will help you to learn a lot more about the culture, history, and traditions of Amsterdam and its people.

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