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Amsterdam is a wonderful place to travel to no matter which time of the year you make the trip. The picture-postcard beauty of the Dutch capital does not need an invitation to lure tourists from all parts of the world. Yet again, if you tour Amsterdam city anytime during the winter months, there will be plenty of exciting things waiting for you. Below are the top 10 reasons as to why you should travel to the capital city of the Netherlands during the wintertime.

Sinterklaas Comes to Town

The arrival of the Dutch equivalent of Santa Claus takes place in November, marking the beginning of the festive season in Amsterdam City. As per the Dutch tradition, he arrives from Spain in a steamboat to the Netherlands and brings along treats for kids. The next day after his arrival, Sinterklaas traditionally partakes in a parade through the capital.

Amsterdam Covered in Snow

The colder months make the city into a white, snowy land with a magical allure. No matter whether you are a sightseer or a photographer, there is always something gorgeous in seeing a city dusted in snowflakes. This makes for a romantic background during your private Amsterdam walking tours. If you want to up the romantic mood, then head to a Dutch courtyard with almshouses around it. The natives call it “Hofje”.

For snowman ambiance, go to public parks such as Westerpark or Vondelpark during your trip; the parks will have vast expanses of snow, waiting to be rolled into snowballs.

The Amsterdam Light Festival

Transforming the city into an outdoor gallery during the wintertime, the yearly festival welcomes light installations along the streets, canals, and popular landmarks. The annual Amsterdam Light Festival takes place from November to January. So take a cruise boat tour to explore the city in a different light during the wintertime celebration.

Ice Staking along Unexpected Surfaces

The Dutch canals do not always provide a frozen surface suitable for ice-skating. However, if temperatures dip below four degrees for four successive nights, canals in Amsterdam are blocked off in order to allow sufficient ice to form. Some say that the most gorgeous ice rink in the world can be seen in Amsterdam city, if conditions make it happen. Even if canals do not freeze, there are many other opportunities for outdoor pastime in Amsterdam.

Winter Means Everything is Gezellig in Amsterdam

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Everything about the winter season in Amsterdam is what the Dutch term ‘gezellig’. The word, which is ingrained at the heart of the culture of the Dutch, encompasses everything from ‘quaint’ and ‘friendly’ to ‘cozy’ and ‘relaxing’. It can be related to anything that makes you feel fuzzy and warm inside. You will hear the word a lot when on Amsterdam day tours during winter.

The Amazing Winter Markets

Festive events line up along the streets in the city during this time of the year. Each weekend in the lead up to Christmas, you will get to see a distinct market popping up somewhere or the other in the city. They range from trendy to traditional, selling fresh produce to heartily prepared food and drink.

New Year’s Eve Fireworks

Amsterdam is one of the top European cities to watch a colorful display of pyrotechnics on the New Year’s Eve. You can even grab a seat in the parks near the Amstel River and dive in the sky lit by fireworks.

An Ideal Retreat for Romantic People

The late winter welcomes the Valentine’s Day. Amsterdam is one of the world’s most romantic cities, so what better way to celebrate with your sweetheart than to pack your bags for a Valentine’s Day weekend retreat? The climate in Amsterdam city will sweep you off your feet; you can have a memorable time together here for sure.

The Dutch Traditional Food

If you are looking forward to a reserve a ticket for private Amsterdam walking tours during the winter season, then Oliebollen has to be in your wish list. If you are a foodie, eat this delicious dumpling of sort as much as your heart desires. It comes to the nation’s capital once in a year, so consider yourself extremely lucky to be in Amsterdam in time. You can ask your private amsterdam walking tours guide for a list of the best places to eat Oliebollen.

The Citywide Streets are All Yours

Amsterdam becomes comparatively less crowded during the wintertime, which means that you can get a relatively easier entry to the main museums to spend some quality time with your loved ones. There will be fewer queues to visit the Van Gogh Museum and Rijksmuseum during the winter months, especially. While at it, make sure to explore Amsterdam’s museum quarter fully.

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