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While touring Amsterdam, you will be amazed to see the Gay Pride Parade bringing together many kinds of people like the young, lesbian, old, gay, transgender or bisexual. You can also see very open-minded straight people who are happily joining this parade. This Parade in the city is much more special than any other parade, as there is also a boat parade on the canals. The parade starts from the end of July and lasts until the first week of August. The canal pride and street parties take place during the first week of August. The parade is seen as a great moment all over the world for showing support for the diversities.

Here are some tips that can help you to take part in one of the busiest events while you tour Amsterdam.

Don’t Be Late

You will have to check the routes in advance and make sure to be there on time if you want to have a good spot along the route. There are chances for most of the good spots to be already taken by the time you arrive there. Turning up early can help you to get the best spots along the pride parade and some people already do this.

Best Spots for Best Views of the Parade

Everybody on the boats will likely to be more energetic as the pride starts. Magere Brug is a good spot to have the best views of the parade. The bridge gets occupied by the crowd very fast, so the better option is to go there by around 9 am. You can also find a good spot along Prinsengracht, but the place will be extremely busy during most times of the day. There is also a better option, which is to watch the pride parade from the water. The best choice is to rent a boat to claim a nice spot among the canal early in the morning for you to enjoy the parade.

Book Prior

The Gay Pride Parade is quite famous all over the world, so there are chances for most of the good hotels and homestays to be fully booked. Booking your stays in any of the good hotels online can help you save the fuzz that could pop up during the last hours of your planning.

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