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So many places around the world are the dream destinations of the cinephiles. Even when Amsterdam is not one among the top places in this list, there are so many things Amsterdam has to offer to those who love films. If you are a film lover and are going on Amsterdam tours, here are suggestions for certain things you can do in the capital city, as a film lover.

Visit the Important Film Locations

There are many filming locations in the city, which will be interesting spots of a visit to all, regardless of whether the person is an ardent film fan or not. The very first movie name that comes into mind when thinking about the movie locations in Amsterdam will be ‘The Fault in our Stars’. No one can easily forget the time that Hazel and Augustus spend in Amsterdam.

Many other movies including ‘Diamonds are forever’ and ‘Ocean’s Twelve’ was shot in Amsterdam. It will be a thrilling experience to visit the locations where your favorite film stars have acted for the films.

Watch a Film in the Theatre

This is the best thing a film lover can do in Amsterdam. Since there are no dubbed movies screened in the city, you will be able to watch the English movies as it is with Dutch subtitles. Though you cannot watch world cinema in Amsterdam, you can still get to see some films.

Visit a Film Festival in the City

You can visit the film festivals happening in the city to watch some new films. The Documentary Film Festival is the biggest one of this kind happening here. However, there are so many other smaller film festivals hosted in the city, which you can enjoy visiting. Get to know about the film festivals and their timeline before planning your tour of the city.

Watch Films in Open-Air Cinema

This will be the most astounding of all the film-watching experiences in the city. The open-air cinemas will be working during the summer months, and it is something you cannot miss on your summer tours to Amsterdam.

Visit the Eye Film Museum

Your trip to Amsterdam as a film lover cannot be complete without the visit to this film museum. There are three screens for the film exhibition, and there is a permanent exhibition of the history of films. To add to the overall appeal of the museum, there will be temporary exhibits as well.

Your trip to Amsterdam as a film lover will be more exciting if you have watched some of the important movies, which were set and shot in the city. Make sure you do it before starting on your journey.

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