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The Van Gogh Museum recently announced a discovery concerning what was once thought to be a photo of Vincent van Gogh, much to the shock of just about everyone. For many years, the bright-eyed kid in the portrait was thought to be a 13-year-old Vincent van Gogh, but experts revealed that is most likely not his picture, but that of his brother, Theo van Gogh’s. They also said that little Theo would have been fifteen going by the age on the portrait, which is hung on the walls of the museum.

“With this discovery we are an illusion poorer and a portrait of Theo richer,” said Axel Rutger, the Van Gogh Museum’s Director. “Of course there was a slight twinge of disappointment also because we have so few photographs of Vincent van Gogh and now we have even one less. But on the other hand of course I am always happy if you can discover more of the truth.”

Theo van Gogh’s great grandson cum an advisor to the museum’s board did give out a statement to the latest revelation. He said, “When I heard that this is most likely a picture of my great-grandfather Theo – and not of Vincent – I was surprised, but I am glad that the mystery has been solved.”

This must have been a surprise to not just the visitors but also to the private Amsterdam tour guides. Previously, any picture of the “Christ of the Coal Mines” was thought to be anonymous or somebody else’s creation. However, this has set a new norm as far as discoveries are concerned. Besides, there are still mysteries about the Dutch artist, whose works and aura resonate to this very day.

Earlier this year, a film titled “At Eternity’s Gate” claimed that Vincent van Gogh did not actually commit suicide, but was murdered. The director of that film suggested that the artist’s last few works were such that suicide would be very unlikely, but a more likely case would be a murder.

While many other mysteries around famous artworks remain to be so, such as the unexplained Mona Lisa smile in the Louvre in Paris, this new revelation about Van Gogh’s painting might pave way to solving ambiguities in the art field.

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