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One of the best ways to tour Amsterdam to the fullest is by driving through the city. It is true that you would not be encountering any tollbooths on any of the routes in the Dutch capital, but it would always be better if you carry some money with you on your trip. Another thing to reflect on when planning a long drive is about carrying the supplies and route map with you on your journey; include all the necessary items like extra food, warm clothes, etc., as well.

You would not have to worry on getting lost if you have a GPS unit with you instead of a printed map. Hence, it would be a good idea to download an app or take a GPS device with you before you start exploring. Below are some of the best places to go for a drive when you tour Amsterdam.


Leiden is a historic and picturesque place that looks beautiful and stunning all time of the year. A lot of celebrations would be going on here during the summertime, while you could see tulips blooming all over the region in the spring season. During the fall, the trees would make the streets look spectacular and colorful, and in winter, the entire place would be covered in snow blankets. So in short, you can visit the place all round the year for magnificent views.

It would be possible for you to create awesome memories with your family if you park your car and take some time to walk along the edges of the tranquil waters here. If you are planning to take a step further, you could also go for a guided boat tour. You would also be able to see a number of old windmills, which would take you back in time as you pass through the streets.

Keukenhof Gardens

Lisse is a beautiful town in Amsterdam. If you take a short 40-minute trip to this place, you would really be enchanted by the beauty of this place. There are a lot of things to see in this small town, the place would really offer a feast to your eyes.

One of the major attractions of this town is the Keukenhof Gardens. About 800,000 travelers visit this place each year. The place is actually a sanctuary for tulips. Back in the year 1594, this magnificent garden was the largest flower garden in the world. You would be able to see about seven million flower bulbs blooming in vivid colors all across the garden from March to May. There are a lot of things to experience here including its forested areas of 70 acres, ponds, windmills, and pavilion greenhouse displays.

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