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Quirky architecture, inviting bars, and canal-crossed streets are what everyone expects to get a feel of when they visit Amsterdam, and which make it the perfect city to spend a weekend getaway. The other side of all this comprises the nightlife options they have on cue for the restless spirit inside of a lot of tourists. Around-the-clock partying and clubbing are two things you do not have to compromise on when visiting Amsterdam. Following are some of the places that serve up great opportunities in this direction.


This venue is an intimate one, situated close to Sloterdijk Station. It is basically a craft beer café that is built out of shipping containers, with the inside decorated with wood for a cozy feel. The setup speaks of sustainability, which carries over into their food and drink, as well as to the support they shower on local promoters.


Located amidst the city center and on Rembrandt Square, this club is set in the same place where Studio 80 used to operate until they closed their doors in late 2015. There are two rooms on the inside, both with wooden floors. You also have a fitted Danley system which carries music clearly from the performances of up-and-coming DJs in the area.

De Marktkantine

This was originally a canteen meant for Dutch traders in the market, and has since amassed a wealth of history including undergoing transformation into a go-to for theatre, music, and food in the city. Restructuring in 1950 made it over into a theater, and in the 90’s when the dance scene evolved, the place began functioning as a club. There was a brief lull before local entrepreneurs reopened the place in 2014.

De School

Opened in January 2016 on the west side of the city on Doctor Jan van Breemenstraat, De School used to be a technical school once. Today it rates among the finest clubs in the neighborhood, complete with a café, restaurant, concert venue, gym, and exhibition space. With a 24-hour license it is able to stay open all days and times of the week, and has a capacity of 700 people in the old bicycle storage area.

Garage Noord

Placed in Amsterdam’s north portion and opened in 2017, this small venue can hold 150 people at a time. The music here is out of this world, thanks to being hosted by AKA Al Dee, who also hosts a radio show as Bossoyo alongside Max Abysmal. This club has hosted the likes of Parrish Smith, Interstellar Funk, Jonny Nash, Suzanne Kraft, and Motion Graphics. The venue also doubles as a restaurant during the day, and is situated beside SkateCafe, which is found on Gedempt Hamerkanaal.


An NPF that is mainly based in the city of Amsterdam, OT301 carries the goal of programming a range of dance, music, theater, performances, workshops, and markets. You generally get to enjoy live music as part of midweek programming, while in the weekends you get to catch a mix of international and local DJs.


Built inside an old church from the 18th century located near the Leidseplein, this club first opened in 1968. It is one of the more well-known club night and concert venues, and can fit the 1500 in the main hall (this one has a stage with overhanging church windows), and 250 in the smaller hall.


This place is one of the cultural hotspots for night owls. The current location, also called ACTA, was once the center of learning for dentistry in Amsterdam. In 2105, the establishment got its 24-hour permit, and set on creating a space where a range of the disciplines are programmed. Immersiveness is the name of the game here, much the same as in many other clubs where you find more than just music.


This project started following the idea that it would be smart to have a place where both veteran and new clubbers could enjoy themselves. This led to the provision of a distinctive experience with regard to clubbing, which continually upholds sound and design as the main things to watch. Shelter is located under Overhoeksplein, which is at the southern-most tip of Amsterdam-Noord.

Warehouse Elementenstraat

This one makes up one of the most influential party places in the whole of the country. It is more or less hidden amid the industrial west area of Amsterdam in a legendary and dark street. The start of the 90’s saw this venue host many large-scale house raves in what can to be called Multigroove, which as you have guessed already, served as a milestone on the underground scene in the city.

The above as some of the all-nighter party and clubbing locations you need to know about when touring Amsterdam. If you find yourself with the need for some good food and music, one of these would undoubtedly serve as the exact thing you were looking for.

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