Ten Places to Visit in Amsterdam While Touring Amsterdam

Private Tour Amsterdam
Private Tour Amsterdam
Private Tour Amsterdam
Private Tour Amsterdam

Amsterdam is regarded as one of the popular destinations that are located in Europe and as one of the most beautiful cities in the world that brims with an incredible culture and attractions including the historical gems and top-class museums. There are some things a traveler should keep in mind while taking a break in their daily life by choosing to tour Amsterdam. Listed below are a few among them.

Where Should You Stay?

One of the many precious things about Amsterdam city is that it is for everyone, especially when a visitor choose a place to rest his/her head. Visitors are most likely to find the right comfy beds for them regardless of what they are looking for –class, luxury, or modernism.

CitizenM is one of the best hotels that is chosen by most visitors as they are affordable and plush. The attractions of this hotel include the futuristic multi-color rain showers and beds that are fit everyone. They have a huge collection of free movies that can be enjoyed by travelers while they stay there- by mentioning movies, they mean movies from the last few months and some of the classics.

They also offer options for early check-in and late check-out unlike other hotels, both for which the visitors would have to pay a small amount as a fee. The rooms give the feeling of a chill-out pad, especially for visitors when they get back after a long day of exploring the city. The rooms of CitizenM also have nifty iPads to control everything in the room like TV, lights and even the mood of the room.

Major Sites to Explore 

Head Straight to the Westerkerk

West Church, which is popularly known as Westerkerk, is one among the most famous churches in the city as it has housed many royal weddings during the ancient times.

Visit the famous Van Gogh Museum

Visiting the Van Gogh museum can be a good option for travelers who wish to explore the largest collection of paintings by Van Gogh. The museum houses more than two hundred paintings of the artist along with drawings and letters that belonged to the artist who lived during the nineteenth century.

Stop by the Anne Frank Museum

The Anne Frank Museum was formerly the home where Anne Frank hid during the time of Second World War, along with her family. The place has then modified into a museum and it looks so close to how it would have looked during her time. It is always a good choice for visitors to take a detailed tour of the museum that embraces the idea of acceptance and equality for everyone.

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