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Amsterdam city is popular for its many attractions such as the scenic canals, the several captivating bridges, the dancing houses, and other architectural wonders, affordable shopping, the pervasive feeling of freedom, etc. Did you know that Amsterdam is also well-known for many museums? Note that there are around 400 reputed establishments under this category within the Dutch capital. No other world city has as many museums and art galleries. These can walk you through the past, present, and future of the city. While you are likely to visit the Van Gogh Museum or Rijksmuseum in your tour Amsterdam itinerary, there are many small and underrated museums in the city that get overlooked by the majority of tourists. Many of are sure to enlighten, entertain, and astonish you.

Museum Vrolik

The Vrolik museum got its name from founder Gerardus Vrolik. It is dedicated to anatomical abnormalities such as odd skulls, bones, anomalous embryos, and a collection of striking pathological specimens. You can see a wide range of specimens here, dating back to the 18th century. Nevertheless, this is not a great option for light-hearted people, since some of the exhibits in the museum are truly horrific.

Tattoo Museum

This is a new-generation museum that became functional in 2011. As the name indicates, it is dedicated to skin arts. There are around 40,000 exhibits in this museum that will tell you the story of how skin arts evolved here and elsewhere. You can see artifacts related to tattooing from all over the world, such as different kind of needles, flashes, photographs, old shop signs, tattoo designs, and ‘freakshow’ posters. In addition, there are also some bizarre objects on display such as the tattooed flesh of humans, pig skin, etc. You can also see the vintage tattoo shop interiors while visiting this unique museum. Without a doubt, exploring the Tattoo museum would be a perfect option for all millennials touring the city.

Dutch Funeral Museum

Dutch Funeral Museum was established in 2007, but gained popularity really fast. It focses on the funeral cultures in different parts of the Netherlands. You can see a notable comparison between the ancient and present-day funeral traditions as well. The exhibits in the Dutch Funeral museum include 19th-century ceremonial funeral carriages, funeral coaches, obituaries, hearses, funeral services, mourning attire, etc. In addition, you can learn about surviving historical funeral customs, rural ceremonies, royal processions, and the like.

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