Skipping the Line to the Anne Frank House

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Each summer, Amsterdam tours on foot begins on a high note with tourists having proper itineraries regarding where to go. Starting on Dam Square, the Amsterdam walking tour begins with tourists enjoying the scenic beauty of evenings, tipping through the Tulip Garden, and even going through Canal Ring’s 9 Streets.

If you were into art and history, Amsterdam has a host of museums and galleries to visit to furnish that too. However, as these places can get quite crowded at times, you need to know a few tricks to beat the crowd. Below are a few ways to skip the line to get into the Anne Frank House and enjoy the tour to the fullest.

Pick a Time Slot

Reserving time slots online and getting to the Anne Frank House well in advance is worth a try. Before you set foot in North Amsterdam, take out your smartphone and find a way to book a time slot, say, 09:00 am to 03.30 pm, so that you can see the Anne Frank House in all its autobiographical glory. The Anne Frank House stays open until 10:00 pm from April to October, and the closing hours change to 07:00 pm from November to March.

Do the Math

You can see long lines of visitors in front of the Anne Frank House, especially in the month of May. Spot admission starts from 03.30 pm onwards and getting in line for a coveted entry from there on will be the second best option. When you reach Canal Ring’s 9 Streets on time, reaching Anne Frank House will be a five-minute walk. Still, advance booking will help you to reach the museum fast and just in time to avoid the crowd.

Estimate the Wait

Feel lucky to be strolling on Amsterdam tours on foot, for otherwise, you will face long lines. Those who have been there on-season say that the Z-shaped lines end up in Keizersgracht canal, which is minutes apart from the Anne Frank House. If the line is L-shaped, however, you will end up being in Westerkerk, which is somewhat closer.

Best Time to Visit

Anne Frank House is eponymous as well as posthumous and an ode to the girl who wrote the Anne Frank diary. During off-season, the Anne Frank House will become an institution with a steady number of visitors entering the museum. Dutch traffic will stay calm and will cool up until the tulips splurge in April and the bus coaches roll out again.