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Amsterdam is a city with an elaborate history, beautiful architecture, and great photogenic locations altogether. Most of the city’s constructions are well planned, and it offers beauty around almost every corner. This makes it a visual treat for those that love clicking away at the sight of beauty. Below are some of the best photogenic locations around town that you will find on your Tour Amsterdam.

Central Station

Central Station is a great place to capture the daily life of the city. The train station offers prospects for some amazing frames, if you are willing to be patient for the right shot. You can also stay on the tracks and grab scintillating photos of the trains.


Westerkerk is a church located next to Anne Frank House, which is definitely a place worth spending a lengthy session on photography alone. There are a number of beautiful features you can find and capture images of.

Oude Kerk

This is a church located right in the middle of the Red light district. You may feel its placement is a bit odd, but as it turns out, this church is 800 years old. The medieval architecture, the designs, and the ceiling are all features which would make for a well-composed photo.

7 Bridges                                                                                         

Reguliersgracht has 7 bridges placed in a line over it, and all are clearly visible from a single vantage. This makes one of the most beautiful sights you can admire while in the city, and an ideal one for photography. Besides, it is well accessible as it is situated close to Rembrandtplein.


The Rijksmuseum is a Dutch national museum which displays the arts and history of the country. The architecture of the church is very beautiful, and you can get some amazing photographs from here. Do not forget to visit the underground pedestrian tunnel as well; this is yet another attractive place that would contribute heavily to your collection of photos.

I Amsterdam Sign

Although this is a very clichéd shot, you should probably try and get a picture beside the ‘I Amsterdam’ sign when you next tour Amsterdam. There are at least two such signs in the city, and these understandably serve as a popular photography sites. One of the most famous ones is located behind the Rijksmuseum.


This is the renowned floating flower market in Amsterdam. It is clearly one of the best photographic locations in the Dutch capital. There are several outlets nearby that sell other items as well; the whole setting is very refreshing indeed.

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