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Amsterdam is a city of incredible architectural buildings which are unique in their own way. Here is a list of top five striking buildings in Amsterdam which you can visit on your private day tour of Amsterdam. Let’s see what they are.

EYE Film Museum

EYE film museum is situated in the northern banks of IJ River with a unique structure extended dramatically over the harbor. This is a museum that preserves a collection of Dutch and international cinematic related antique objects. It offers some of the best views in the city and it is the largest film archives in the Netherlands. A gallery space to demonstrate film making, four modern cinemas, and a multi-tiered restaurant are its main highlights. Entry to the film museum is absolutely free of cost but entry to some exhibitions is subjected to charges.

NEMO Science Museum

NEMO Science museum is one of the most iconic structures of Amsterdam with contemporary architecture. This copper-green building, similar to a huge ship that is set for sail, is designed by Renzo Piano. A sloped roof building with the museum terrace and the large staircase to get there offers a stunning view of the city. Elevators are also added for disabled people.


This is the biggest Dutch protestant church in Amsterdam. Westerkerk is a good example of Dutch Renaissance architecture. It was constructed in 1631 at the Prinsengracht canal. View from the balcony of 86 meter high Westerkerk tower is truly amazing. The tower which dominates above most of the old city center contains 51 gigantic bells that can be heard throughout the Jordan district.

Royal Palace Amsterdam

Royal Palace Amsterdam was built during the golden Dutch period. It was originally constructed as a city hall on the west side of the Dam square. The Palace was not owned by the Dutch royal family. It was built as a classic example of ancient Roman and Greek architecture which symbolizes the international influence of Amsterdam. You can discover the rich history and interior of the palace located in the heart of Amsterdam with some entrance charges. The palace will be closed during royal events.


This Dutch national museum of Amsterdam which was originally known as the royal museum is dedicated to arts and history. Rijksmuseum reflects the older Dutch golden age architecture with a collection of famous artworks. Works by Ruisdael, Vermeer, and Rembrandt are some of the attractive highlights of Rijksmuseum. The architecture of the current Rijksmuseum building that combines Gothic and Renaissance styles were designed by architect Pierre Cuypers.

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