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Tulip flowers can be seen everywhere in Amsterdam mainly in the spring season. The Dutch people love Tulips for many reasons and most of the residents there have at least one specially designed vase used to hold tulips. Below are some of the tips that can be helpful to see Tulips while you tour Amsterdam.

Tips for Seeing Tulips in Amsterdam

Asking to visit Amsterdam at the right time would be the most important tip that can be given to you to see tulips. To see the real floral kind of tulips everywhere in Amsterdam, and not the stores filled with tulip-shaped accessories. Spring is the best time to visit Amsterdam is you are fond of seeing flowers everywhere. There are possibilities for some fast tulips to bloom in February and March, and also some of them will be slow in blooming, which is mostly in May. So the safest time for an occasional visitor to visit Amsterdam to see tulips is early and mid of April.

Another important tip finds tulips in Amsterdam is the advice that the Keukenhof Spring Gardens and the more famous striped tulip fields of the Netherlands are not very close to Amsterdam. Hoping on a train, bus or car can be an easy option to take a short day trip to enjoy the sights of tulips. As mentioned above, it is important to keep in mind that visiting the Keukenhof and seeing the tulip fields are not one and same-day trips as both of the places are very far from each other.

Despite o all that is been said and mentioned, you can indeed see tulips in Amsterdam all through the year. Those might not be growing on flowerbeds like the springtime in Amsterdam. As tulips are the national flower of the Netherlands and as many people are eager to see tulips, many opportunistic people want to cash in o with the visitors, mostly the tourists. You can get to know Amsterdam’s history of loving tulips.

Best Places to See Tulips in Amsterdam

Tulips are Everywhere During the Tulip Festival

The tulip festival lasts for the whole month of April and you can time your visit the festival if you are very fond of tulips. During this time, tulips are held everywhere in the city – most landmarks public spaces, buildings, and open areas will be having flower beds specially installed colorful and vibrant tulips. The raised flower beds on the Magere Brug and those that are installed in front of Rijksmuseum along with the beds that are decorating the public places like the gardens and museum are some of the top suggestions for tourists. It is been said that the tulip festival is mainly aimed at displaying as many tulip flowers.

National Tulip Day in Amsterdam

The beginning of the tulip season that takes place in early January is marked by National Tulip Day. This can be a chance for you to see tulips in Amsterdam outside of the springtime. This is a small and impressive event which is usually held on the third Saturday of January and it takes place at the main square of Amsterdam. The dam square is filled with beds of temporary flower beds that contain tulips. These beds are mostly arranged in a certain pattern.

The organizers of the event aimed at having enough tulips for each resident of Amsterdam which makes them take one home with them The Tulip Day in Amsterdam lasts for only one day. Therefore, getting there early can make it easy for you to get in the queue. You can take photos of tulips in the famous historic squares of Amsterdam.

Parks and Gardens of Amsterdam

You can see flower beds and tubs of tulips at parks and open spaces of Amsterdam apart from finding it at the buildings that install tulips. Tulip bulbs will flower every year if they are treated properly; they will return if they are planted. Therefore, you can see wild tulip flowers that would be growing in the parks, as well in private and public gardens of Amsterdam.

The most-loved parks in Amsterdam like the Vondelpark, Amstelpark, Rembrandtpark, Erasmuspark, Oosterpark, Westerpark and Sarphatipark will be filled with tulip flowers. You can also wildly growing tulips if you get around Amsterdamse Bos or Amsterdam Woods. You can also find tulips growing in the gardens of the canal-house museums of Amsterdam. In addition to all these places, you will be able to find tulips at almost all hotels in Amsterdam.

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