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Amsterdam is a wonderful place that is stunningly magnificent in all seasons. But it will be even more beautiful during the spring season when it is adorned with fresh blossoms and lush greenery. For those who want to enjoy everything that Amsterdam has to offer, spring will be the most apt time of the year. The experience you will get on your private tour Amsterdam in the spring season will be unforgettable and incomparable.

After its long sleep during the winter season, Amsterdam will become live when the spring starts. It will be full of colorful and radiant flowers in this season and will be bustling with activities. Book your private tour Amsterdam tickets in advance to enjoy Amsterdam in the spring when it is on full blast and bursting with energy. Here are some wonderful highlights of spring that will fill your mind with bliss and wonder.

The flower shows

Keukenhof Gardens of Amsterdam come alive every spring when it will be full of blooming flowers in every color of the rainbow. There will be numerous tulips fields which are a real treat for the eyes. The garden will host flower shows and art exhibitions during this period when the place will be filled with a large number of tourists from all over the world.

Visiting the Keukenhof Garden is one of the most romantic experiences you will get here. This place has to offer something for everyone regardless of their age, gender or race, as there will be many special activities for kids and a lot of other events and performances. Hire a bike to enjoy the magnificent view of bulb fields or take a boat cruise through the waters surrounding this garden to get an awesome Amsterdam experience and to cherish your time here.

Discovering the Dutch countryside of Amsterdam

The Amstel River Countryside is a wonderful destination to visit during the spring. This green oasis will definitely make you astonished. There is only a short trip from the city center to reach this place. Hire a bike and set on a road trip along with your friends and family to enjoy the spectacular view of this Dutch countryside. You can also reach here with the help of public transport or boat facilities.

In the early morning, you will be greeted by the warm spring sunlight that will fill you with energy and happiness. The swaying reeds, historic villages, green meadows etc. can refresh your mind, soul and body and help you to relax. This is a wonderful location away from the hustle and bustle of the city where you can enjoy your day peacefully.

When you visit this place, never miss to visit the fascinating Ouderkerkaan de Amstel, a 12th-century village that boasts ancient churches, windmills and other wonderful monuments.

Live in a fairy tale

Amsterdam Castle Muiderslot which is situated in the Muiden town is a gorgeous medieval castle. This picturesque castle looks like it is torn from a fairy tale book with its ancient and prestigious structure. The towers, drawbridge, battlements and moat gives this castle an elegant and pristine look.

This 700-year-old castle was listed by the UNESCO among the Defence Line of Amsterdam. In fact, it has actually played a significant role in the protection of the Netherlands from foreign invaders. This magical and enthralling fortress has a variety of activities to offer for people of different ages from the thrilling treasure hunts to a guided tour through its fascinating gardens.

Windmill spotting

Your private tour Amsterdam will not be complete without spending some time for windmill spotting. Spring is the best time to enjoy the beauty of windmill blades that efficiently cuts through the air giving you a vibrant experience. The ZaanseSchans open-air museum offers a great spot for windmill spotting where you will get a peek into the rich industrial past of this place from the large number of perfectly preserved windmills, warehouses, traditional houses, workshops existing here.

Cycle to the beach

This is a great way to spend a warm spring day. Cycling past the stunning sand dunes to reach the beach will be a unique experience for you. Haarlem is a good starting point where you can rent a bicycle and pedal to the Zandvoort coastal town. The seaside resorts in this area offer a variety of watersports activities and other entertainment programs. You can reach the Bloemendaal area if you move a little further along the coastal line. The clubs in this area feature live bands and other musical programs where you can dance off your night.

Go on a boat ride and explore new places

There is no better time to enjoy a boat trip through the waters of Amsterdam than a warm and sunny spring day. Setout sailing and enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of Amsterdam from its sparkling waters. This is one of the most popular and exciting activities in this place that will give you a unique way to enjoy Amsterdam with its complete glory. You can hire a boat or go on a cruise trip as you like.

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