Bizarre Laws That you Can See Only in the Netherlands

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Amsterdam is known for its inimitable beauty and freedom. The elaborate canal system, the artistic heritage, the legacies of the 17th Century golden age, dancing houses, the tulip blooms in every nook and cranny, etc., make the Dutch capital city even more welcoming and enchanting. Apart from this, Amsterdam is also known for the weird laws that exist in the city even today. In fact, the native people in the Netherlands love to follow rules; Dutch laws are considered the most flexible, tolerant, and groundbreaking laws in the world. Below are some of the important rules in the city that every tourist ought to know before embarking on private day tours Amsterdam.

  • The canal belt of Amsterdam is one of the most significant attractions in the city. No wonder, urinating in these picturesque canals is considered as a punishable offense. Still, this rule can be neglected for pregnant women.
  • It is a known thing that selling and buying weeds is legal in Amsterdam. Interestingly, smoking tobacco in public places is banned, but you can smoke cannabis at designated places. However, you cannot get stoned in public places such as parks, library, footpath, etc.
  • You cannot share your apartment with more than two people in Amsterdam unless it is your family. If more than three individuals share a house or an apartment, the city officials can penalize them for violating the law.
  • The sale and use of crackers or other fire products is banned in Amsterdam. Nevertheless, there are some exceptions to this rule; you can see locals selling firecrackers in the Dutch capital three days prior to the New Years Eve and experience amazing fireworks from 06:00 pm on December 31 up to 02:00 am on January 01.
  • There will be hardly any person who does not commute using a bicycle in Amsterdam. When it comes to foreign travelers, they usually prefer to rent bicycles from shops in order to explore the city. With reference to that, riding a bicycle without a helmet is legal in Amsterdam. However, riding a bicycle that does not have a light and a bell is punishable.
  • The narrow houses in Amsterdam are really famous. Actually, the structure of these houses is related to a Dutch law. Note that these houses are made on marshy land and it ought to be lightweight so that they do not sink. In order to achieve this objective, the Dutch government created a rule in which people will have to pay taxes depending on the width of the façade of their home.

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