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Most of Amsterdam’s restaurants are likely to close their kitchens by 09:00 pm, as the dining time of the Dutch is around the early evening hours. Even though this is the case with most of the restaurants in the city, you would also be able to find a lot of late night restaurants in the city that serve food even after the commercial business hours. Below are some awesome places in the city to dine late at night when you tour Amsterdam.

Burger Bar

Central Amsterdam has about four locations of Burger Bars, among which two of the bars would stay lively late night even after 02:00 am every week. They serve both drinks and late night meals. In this place, the visitors are permitted to design their meals own on their own by mixing the various patties, toppings, and sauces. They use freshly baked burger buns in this place. You would be able to add rucola, crunchy iceberg lettuce, and tomato to spice up your burger. This is really the best place for all nocturnal bees out there, who are never able to choose their perfect burger. You would also be able to enjoy the pint Heineken from this place.

New York Pizza

New York Pizza is a well-known eatery in Amsterdam with its branches distributed throughout the city. One of its branches at Spuiplein serves food late night and is open up until 04:00 am in the morning. This wonderful restaurant is located in the city’s central plaza. They serve pizza of American style at this place.

Tonton Club West

You would be able to play a lot of fun games at this retro arcade. The place features a number of games including the classics games like Street Fighter 4, Bishi Bashi Special, and Time Crisis 3. After playing the games, you could enjoy appetizing ramen based dishes here, aside from their tasty noodle soup and burgers. Besides these dishes, they also serve a wonderful variety of Japanese street food, which includes katsu chicken and sdamame.

Kaufman Falafel & Beer

This is relatively a new restaurant in Amsterdam. However, the restaurant has conquered the hearts of many since it came to the city. They use a simple approach for dining at this place. Just like the name, the bar features tasty Dutch craft beers and authentic, crusty falafel. This combination is really appealing especially at the time of the evening.

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