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If you like to discover the diverse range of commodities on sale in Amsterdam, there are many places, which will satisfy your itchy feet. Explore the local secrets while marveling at different merchandises on display. Buy some souvenirs to cherish your journeys for a lifetime by visiting a number of markets around Amsterdam. Below are a few suggestions for the best markets to visit when you tour Amsterdam.


Waterlooplein is the best flea market in town and is located behind the Stopera. You will find an elaborate collection of old photographs, secondhand sunglasses, old records, vintage clothes, and much more here. The market, also known as Waterloo Square, is open to public on all days except Sundays.

Black Market the Bazaar

This is the largest indoor market in entire Europe. You can find literally anything in the bazaar ranging from electronic devices to cosmetics as well as fashion. You will feel like you are walking through a market in the Middle East as you wander the labyrinths of the Oriental market. The bazaar is located near the outer boundary of Amsterdam. You can easily reach here by taking a train from Amsterdam Central Station. Note that the bazaar remains open even on Saturdays and Sundays.


The Dappermarkt is a great place for shopping enthusiasts, as it has a wide range of products on sale. This includes textiles, tauge, tunas, and tulips. This is one of those markets, where you can find everything at an affordable rate. Furthermore, it is a multicultural market, meaning that it will mesmerize you with its diversity of the collection. The Dappermarkt works on all days except Sundays and is located in Dapperbuurt in Amsterdam Oost.

Ten Katemarkt

This is a busy market located in the center of Amsterdam West. It has all the ingredient for a complete shopping place such as flowers, shoes, fresh produce, textiles, and much more. You can easily reach this place when you tour Amsterdam city center. The place functions every day except on Sundays and public holidays.

Floating Flower Market

The floating flower market is a famous market located on top of the canal Singel. You can get a wide variety of flowers here, and other commodities that are all put on display. Tulip bulbs are very popular among the local people, and many tourists even carry them as a souvenir. The floating market is accessible on all days of the week, and you can easily go visit this place during Amsterdam tours.

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