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Amsterdam is one of the most diverse cities in the world that boast a vast range of attractions such as natural landscapes, modern and ancient buildings, outstanding nightlife, eclectic neighborhoods, shopping opportunities, unique eateries, and whatnot. In simple words, the city has something in store for everyone irrespective of your age, gender, budget, and areas of interest. You can explore all these spellbinding attractions in multiple ways as you tour Amsterdam. Each way offers a different perspective of the city.

For first-timers, considering a boat or bike tour will be the perfect options to experience the true charisma of the Dutch Capital to the fullest. Note that there is plenty of options when it comes to Amsterdam city tours and you may find it a bit overwhelming to zero in on a few. If you are also facing such a dilemma, you may consider the potential options listed below for your Amsterdam city tours.

Bike tours

As mentioned earlier, one of the best ways to enjoy the enchanting appeal of Amsterdam to the fullest is bike tours. Riding through a countless number of cobblestoned paths and streets will give a true insight into the Dutch lifestyle. This type of tour is also a good choice for travelers who love to blend in with the locals. Note that two-wheelers are the main mode of transportation in the Dutch capital. In fact, you can hardly spot an Amsterdammer who does not own a bike. You can either go for a self-guided or a guided bike tour. The latter usually lasts for 3 to 4 hours and will be a suitable choice if this is your maiden Amsterdam trip.

History tours

Needless to mention, this type of tour will be perfect for all the history buffs out there. One of the most popular options, in this case, is the World War II tours. This history tour package is ideal for all the visitors who love to brush up the history lessons they learned. Usually, history tours will be guided by an expert and is likely to cover the details such as the occupation of the Amsterdam, the ultimate liberation of the city by Canadians, the persecution of Jews, etc. You will be amazed to learn some spine-chilling details about the dark ages in the Dutch Capital.

Amsterdam boat tours

Another outstanding way to explore the city is through boat tours or cruise. After all, Amsterdam is mainly popular for the picturesque canal belt. Floating around the city on a romantic cruise is sure to give you a unique experience that can be cherished for a lifetime. Plus, this will give you a new perspective of the city. It is recommended to take canal tours at night since it will be a different experience to enjoy the view of a city that is illuminated with colorful lights. Other tour options that you may consider while exploring Amsterdam include;

  • Amsterdam photography tours
  • Unique food festival tours
  • Heineken tours
  • Amsterdam city tours
  • Red light district tours
  • Adventurous tours

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