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There will be hardly any person who does not enjoy traveling different places. Now, the winter season is approaching and people will be searching for the places that are ideal for them to visit during the cold days. Amsterdam is one of the best cities that you may consider in order to enjoy any season to the fullest; be it summer, winter, autumn, or spring.

Amsterdam is mainly known for its natural beauty, especially the picturesque canals that act as a beautiful backdrop to the architectural aesthetics of the Dutch capital city. When in Amsterdam, you will be amazed to see how beautifully and seamlessly the modern and lively metropolitan culture of the city blends with the ancient buildings, unique, personalities, characters, colorful constructions, liberal culture, delicious food, and a rich drapery of heritage and history.

All the attractions and highlights that are listed above make up the inimitable appeal of the enchanting city. However, you should explore it by foot if you want to enjoy it to the fullest. For this, the best option is to go for any of the walking tour options when you tour Amsterdam. Below is a quick look at the different Amsterdam walking tours you can choose from.

Amsterdam Walking Tours

The main aim of Amsterdam walking tours is to cover most of the important spots in the city by foot. This will make it easier for travelers to discover the true culture and lifestyle of the people in Amsterdam city. Even though this type of tour covers most of the prominent spots, it will be in a relaxed manner. Hence, it will usually take at least a three or four days to wrap up the tour. Note that this depends on your budget and the number of places you like to visit.

The common highlights included in walking tours are the Jewish Quarter, the heritage of scenic canal houses, Red Light District, the golden age of Amsterdam, and the impact of World War II on the city, and many more. Furthermore, the walking tours are conducted in groups and the size of the group may depend on the company that you choose. If you prefer an private group, you should discuss it with your Amsterdam tour guide in order to avoid any confusion.

There will be a professional tour guide for each group to tell you about the history and interesting facts about various places that you will venture on your trip. Additionally, some companies offer an audio guide in order to give a brief introduction to the rules and regulations in the city to their customers.

Free Walking Tours

Amsterdam Canal Tours
Amsterdam Sightseeing Tours

One of the interesting things in the Dutch capital is that most tour companies here offer free walking tours to their customers. However, you cannot demand to visit certain spots in this case; still, it will be a great choice for all the people who are on a tight budget. Usually, such walking tours will last for a couple of hours and it will include only a few prominent spots in the city. Nevertheless, these landmarks will be enough to give you a brief overview of Amsterdam city.

Some of the commonly included landmarks in Amsterdam free walking tours are the old church, the royal palace on Dam square, the Rembrandt house, old Jewish Quarter, and the Nieuwmarkt. So, this will be a great opportunity for people who are in awe of heritage, history, and architecture. When you tour Amsterdam, you will get to see many professional guides at the Nieuwmarkt square who organize free walking tours.

Red Light District Tours

You cannot wrap up your Amsterdam tours without exploring the Red Light District. Even though this is an infamous stretch in the map of Amsterdam city, there are many interesting and enlightening things in the Red Light District other than sex and prostitution. Hence, there is no need of being embarrassed to include this neighborhood in your itinerary. In fact, you can see a number of people in the Red Light District who came to just enjoy the 17th Century architectural beauty of the streets here. In addition, the Red Light District is also known for the enchanting bridges, narrow canals, coffee shops, etc.

The main advantage of considering walking tours in order to travel around the Red Light District is to understand the rules and regulations in the area. People who violate any of the simple laws will be punished by the bouncers, so obviously, you will need an Amsterdam tour guide in order to give you the necessary information on that, especially if you are a first timer. One of the rules in the area is that you cannot touch or take photographs of the sex workers without their consent. If they find any of your mannerisms inappropriate, the bouncers will hose you down.

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