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Amsterdam Private Tours
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The Amsterdam World War II tour is a unique tour that can be done when visiting the city. The horrible five years of the city was during the war when the Nazi troops entered Amsterdam on 16 May 1940. In this tour, you can see some of the most historic locations of Dutch history from that period. This private walking tour of Amsterdam will give you an insight about Amsterdammers struggle in the 20th century’s greatest war. Some of the locations that are part of this tour are the following

Anne Frank House

Anne Frank resided here during Nazi occupation opened on 3rd May 1960. This is a biographical museum located at Prinsengracht 263-265. The Franks and four others secretly hid in silence for more than two years during the daytime in the Secret Annex until they were arrested and deported by the Nazis. It was here that she wrote her Diary – The Diary of a Young Girl. This museum has a section to exhibit all forms of discrimination and persecution.

Jewish Historical Museum

This museum is dedicated to Jewish culture, history and religion. The Netherlands was one of the badly affected places for Jewish people after Germany. The original museum opened its doors on 24 February 1932 but was forced to shut down after Nazi occupation and many of its collections were lost. The current museum is operating from a new location since 1987 within four synagogues.

Dutch Resistance Museum

The Museum of the Dutch resistance located in Plantage neighbourhood can tell the story of Dutch Resistance during WW2 better than any other place in Amsterdam. It recreates the environment of Amsterdam during the Nazi occupation.

Hollandsche Schouwburg(Hollandic Theatre)

In the beginning, this was a Dutch Theater. During the holocaust, it was converted into a deportation centre for Jewish people in the Netherlands. Its auditorium was converted into a memorial for Dutch victims of that period in 1962.

The Dock Worker Monument

In February 1941, the Dutch workers protested against the arrests and deportation by the Nazis. Honouring this episode from Dutch history a monument was erected in the old Jewish quarter of the city.

Auschwitz Monument

This is a monument by sculptor Jan Wolkers at the centre of Wertheim Park inaugurated in 1993. The memorial is dedicated to millions murdered at Auschwitz concentration camp. There are six large shards of glasses laid flat on the ground creating a broken sky in their reflection. These reflecting glass shards are laid over urns containing ashes of the victims from Auschwitz.

On a final note if you are, looking for unique Amsterdam private tours this is the one for you.

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