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Tour Amsterdam
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Tour Amsterdam

If you are on your tour in Amsterdam and are a fan of getting that dose of adrenaline rush, then you have a handful of things to do in Amsterdam. Amsterdam is generally a place of plains but that does not mean an adventure lover will be disappointed. The place has many things to satisfy adventure crazy people and some of these are listed below.


The city has a large network of cycle routes and the landscape of the city is generally flat. Without doubt, the city is one of the most cycle-friendly one among the cities of the world. While on your private tour in Amsterdam, take your bike on the train going to Haarlem and tour the tulip fields on your bike. You will love it for sure. Whatever be the place, be it streets, museums, or canals, if you want to go there all, just go on your bike.

Ideal biking places in Amsterdam

Sloterplas, The Golden Curve, Vondelpark, Westerpark, Rijksmuseum passage way are some of the most sought after biking places in Amsterdam.

Choose the Heights on the Swing

Go for a high swinging experience in the swing built on A’DAM Toren’s if you hungry for some adventure. The swing lifts you to a height of hundred meters and is a fail proof and safe venture.

Ice Skating On the Frozen Canals

Ice skaters simply love Amsterdam and the canals that freeze up during the winters are the right ice skating spots. The frozen up canals are the ideal icy playgrounds for travelers and locals. Every visit to the canals on winter mornings offer you the pleasure of watching ice skaters slicing over the narrow canals cheerfully. December and January are the ideal months to put on your skates and join the local skating competition.

Ziplining through the forests

If you are an adventurous forest lover, do not miss the visit to the forest at the Northern end of Amstredamse Bos. The place is equally ideal for adults and kids and you can do everything from running, climbing trees, ziplining and taking the rope course challenge.

Bungee Jumping At Faralda Crane Hotel

Faralda Crane Hotel is the right place for bungee jumping lovers in Amsterdam. You go feet-first in swinging motion and this can save you from the pressure that might cause injury to the spine. You can enjoy the panoramic view of the place for about 30 minutes in your jump and then you go down.

Tour through Old Holland on Your Canoe

Old Holland is the ideal place for water lovers searching for ways to spend their vacation. Get a canoeing experience paddling through the waters absorbing the charm and beauty of the countryside watching villages and pastures on your way.

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