A Nature Lover’s Guide to Amsterdam

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Private Day Tours Amsterdam
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Are you a nature lover and encourage eco-conscious thinking? Then, it will be hard to find places that maintain environment-friendly practices when it comes to your holidays. Thankfully, there are some places that adhere to eco-friendly life and one of these destinations is the Dutch capital. So, planning a trip to Amsterdam will be the best choice for all the nature lovers out there. The best example for this is their affection towards two-wheelers, especially bicycles. Needless to mention, this is one of the best ways to reduce your carbon footprints.

Plus, you can find a number of designated points for recycling plastic. You can also enjoy your eco-friendly lifestyle when in Amsterdam by choosing any of the environmentally-responsible hotels here for your stay such as Hotel Economa, Westpark, etc. Apart from this, you can involve in many other activities that can contribute to local and international eco-friendly projects when in Amsterdam. Some of those activities are given below.

Plastic fishing boat tour

One of the best ways to save the planet earth is to recycle plastic waste. For this, you can rely on the plastic fishing boat tours here. In this activity, a group of volunteers are taken on a boat tour over the picturesque canals of Amsterdam and are encouraged to fish the floating plastic waste and other ecologically harmful litter. This way, you can enjoy your sightseeing tours while contributing to a good cause.

Note that you will be taken through some of the captivating and oldest neighborhoods in Amsterdam. Once passengers collect the litter flowing through the water, the boat company will recycle them to make some useful products. Usually, they make it into additional tour boats, office furniture, and other useful products that can add to their company’s fleet. Furthermore, audio-guided tours are available in both English and Dutch.

Go frenzy over vintage treasure

Do you know that a lion share of ecologically harmful waste is produced by the cloth manufacturing companies? You can reduce it by purchasing used cloth that would have ended up in trash otherwise. Thankfully, there are many vintage stores that sell some amazing products such as clothing, accessories, shoes, home decors, vinyl records, quirky gadgets, furniture pieces, and whatnot. On top of that, you can own these unique and gypsy pieces at way cheaper rates.

If you love to rummage these vintage treasures, head on to Amsterdam Noord. While you can find many merchants who rent or sell their products, some locals as well tend to set up temporary stalls here to downsize their wardrobe or to de-clutter their beautiful apartments.

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