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Private Day Tours Amsterdam
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The center of Amsterdam city is so beautiful and attractive. The canals filled with boats, coffee shops which serve delicious coffee and art museums, all together make the city enchanting. But towards the border of the city, there are even more attractive features waiting for the visitors. Here, you can find many bohemian clubs and hidden cocktail lounges secluded from the hustle and bustle of the city. There are also many places at these outskirts where you can mingle with the locals of the area. A list of those fashionable and stylish neighborhoods in the city that you can check out on your private Amsterdam walking tours is listed below.


This is a hectic business area situated to the west of the train station. Haarlemmerdijk and Haarlemmerstraat are the main veins of this zone. These regions together make the road to Haarlem. You can make your walking tours at this area interesting by visiting various shops present on the wayside. Note that there are denim boutiques, Mediterranean delis, record stores and cookbook shops on the wayside, which can surely make your visit here memorable.

There are also many food joints here that offer cozy and happening vibes along with tasty food dishes. Additionally, all the attractions in this neighborhood can be found within a one-kilometer radius. In fact, this is the main factor that makes the idea of exploring Haarlemmerbuurt extremely appealing. Undoubtedly, the sumptuous cocktail bars, cafés, and patisseries add to the beauty of the place.

Oud-West (Old West)

This is a very active area that mainly accommodates working class people. It is situated next to Jordaan and is hence, incredibly famous. Furthermore, De Hallen, which is situated in this area, offers space for the local people to associate with each other. This was originally an old tram depot that was later converted to a beautiful tourist attraction. The area is crammed with several food stalls, hotels, cinema, fashion stores, and many other attractions. The popular Lot Sixty One Coffee Roasters is situated here and as the name indicates, this place is famous for their coffee making workshops. Note that you can easily reach here by boarding the tram 17 from Central Station.

Westerpark and Western Islands

The North West corner of the city is the place where you can see the young professionals of the city in abundance. The amazing blending of the Westerpark into Westergasfabriek definitely makes it more spectacular and tends to attract the attention of every visitor. It is to be noted that the Westergasfabriek was originally a gasworks area, which was later rebuilt into an array of cafes, patios, and restaurants.

The Western Islands of Amsterdam held a significant position in the trade and commerce of the city during the 17th century. You can still see the drawbridges and the warehouses here. However, most of those ancient constructions have been converted to houses and studios of artists now. The popular Worst Wijncafe that is famous for wines and sausage-y- tapas is located here. Note that you may find it a bit challenging to enter the bar-restaurants here. However, once you are in, there is no looking back and you will be elated to enjoy the memorable drinks on the old rooftop helipad.


This popular neighborhood in Amsterdam is located to the south of Haarlemmerbuurt and the Western Islands. This area is mainly popular for its festive cafes. With fizzy beers, beautiful candles, and the dark wood bar, the captivating ‘t Small café here never failed to attract visitors since 1786. Another popular pub that you can see in this region is Waterkant, which is located under a parking garage.

The markets in Jordaan are also highly popular. You can see a mini-mall here called, Antiekcentrum Amsterdam, which is ideal for the travelers who love to collect souvenirs and unique stuff. In case you love collecting trinkets and second-hand clothes on your private Amsterdam walking tours, Noordermarkt is the right place for you. Plus, the artistic lanes in this area are always crammed with the farmer markets and other small stalls.

De Pijp

This is the place where most of the intellectuals and artists tend to spend their quality time ever since the 19th century. Some of those 19th-century ancient cafes, food courts, and clubs are still here and are very much active. At the center of the neighborhood is the Albert Cuypmarkt, which is tightly packed with bazaars that sell cheeses, caramel filled cookies, spices, fabrics, etc. Additionally, the classy restaurant called ‘The Butcher’ is hidden behind these stalls and boasts a menu with 14 kinds of flavorful burgers. There is also a secret lounge here where you can enjoy your favorite cocktails.


If you are a cultural enthusiast and love to explore the cultural diversity in Amsterdam, this is the right place for you. You can see a number of Turkish bakeries and Moroccan supermarkets along with other stores and bars at this region. Bar Basquiat is one of the famous options here where you can relish some Asian- influenced dishes prepared and served by street food vendors.

De Baarsjes

De Baarsjes is situated towards the far west side of Amsterdam city. In the 1920s, there was a city expansion project. This neighborhood was built under the Plan West project of this mission. Even though the project mainly aimed at building houses for the workers, you can see one of the best nightclubs in Amsterdam called De School and many other enterprises in this area. One of the perfect examples is the White Label Coffee cafe. You will be amazed to see most of the customers here focused solely on doing their works on their laptops.

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