7 Ways to Save Money on your Amsterdam Trip

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Your tours in Amsterdam can be made more effective if you know some ways in which you can save money during the trip. Though Amsterdam is not the most expensive city in Europe, it is not the cheapest as well. If you have proper planning and execution, you will be able to make the best out of your trip to the city of Amsterdam. Here are some possible ways in which you can save money during your Amsterdam tours.

Choose Market Shopping Rather than in Stores

Whether it be food items, groceries, clothes or flowers, it is better to purchase them in the local market than in the big stores. In the market, you get them cheaper and in good quality. You get all things fresh in the market.

Avoid Using the Audio Guides in Museums

The display descriptions in the museums come in Dutch and in English. Therefore it is not really necessary to pay for an audio guide when you are visiting any museum here.

Avoid Taxis as Much as Possible

The city is not taxi friendly and the taxi fares are very high compared to the public transport system. It is better not to travel in taxis while in Amsterdam. You can use the trams or the bikes instead.

Have your Breakfast in a Bakery

The local people of Amsterdam do not usually have any breakfast as such. They eat some baked food along with some juice or coffee. When you are in Amsterdam you can also try the same in the bakeries in your area. It is not necessary to visit a café to have a typical American breakfast.

Buy Water in the Grocery Store

The water bottles are cheaper in the grocery store than in the snack stands and in other places. Make sure you buy water bottles only from the grocery.

Use the Unlimited Tram Tickets

The trams in Amsterdam offer 24 hr tickets and also tickets for 1-7 days. Rather than buying the tram tickets every now and then, it is better for you to buy an unlimited ticket and use the service as long as you stay in the city. This can help you save much money.

Use Rental Bicycles

The easiest and best way to travel in the city of Amsterdam is on bicycles which are available for rent. You can hire bicycles for one day or for many days according to your interests.

There are so many ways in which you can save your money while in Amsterdam. Do explore more so that you can have a wonderful time in the city.

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