5 Must Try Dutch Foods when you Tour Amsterdam

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Must Try Dutch Foods

It is true that Amsterdam foods are not as popular as Chinese or French cuisines, but there are still a number of excellent food items in Dutch cuisine, that you should try at least once in your life. If you are a person who loves to try different food items, then you must go on an Amsterdam food tour because it will open your world to several delightful Amsterdam food items.

You will be easily able to find plenty of exceptional restaurants when you are strolling through the city of Amsterdam. However, if you are unable to decide which restaurant to visit, seek the help of natives, as they will be able to point you in the right direction. Below are a few Dutch foods that you must try before you leave Amsterdam.


The small and fluffy pancakes, Poffertjes are made with buckwheat flour and yeast. These pancakes are served in most of the outdoor stalls in the city on small paper plates with a tiny fork, which means that it is easily available. Poffertjes are often eaten with sweet toppings such as aardbeien (strawberries), slagroom (whipped cream), and stroop (syrup).


Traditional Dutch appeltaart contains a sweet cakey dough on the edges and bottom with a small lattice on the top. The apple slices in appeltaart are flavored with sugar, lemon juice, and cinnamon. Common apple varieties such as Goudreinet, Gala, and Elstar are usually used for making appeltaart recipes because they are crispy and not that sweet.


The delicious bitterballen of Amsterdam is battered in an elegant crunchy breadcrumb coating. They contain a delicious mixture of beef broth, chopped beef, butter, flour, spices, and herbs. Restaurants and food stalls usually serve bitterballen with mustard for dipping. Order a couple of beers and enjoy this Amsterdam delight with it.


Rookworst is made from a mixture of ground meat, salt, and spices. The cafes in the city of Amsterdam usually serve them with dishes such as stamppot. Chefs earlier used natural gut membranes to make the casting but they are currently using bovine collagen for the same purpose.


In simple words, Stroopwafels is a delicious chewy cookie but it is a lot more than that for the natives of Amsterdam. This cooking was first made during the early 18th century in the Gouda town of Netherlands. This sweet snack is made from multiple thin layers of batter with a syrup filling right in the middle. You can purchase them from any bakery or grocery store in Amsterdam.